Rules & Guidelines [Please Read]

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Rules & Guidelines [Please Read]

Postby MewDragon on Thu May 15, 2008 11:20 pm

Hello there and welcome to Shingetsu Pokemon Forums. We are a general pokemon forum, and cater to various tastes and sections throughout Pokemon fandom, including rpgs, competitive battlers, manga readers, and more. Shingetsu runs on phpbb 3.0 Olympus and has been further modified with a number of various other features for the use of our staff and members. Shingetsu has a number of rules for both the safety of our members and the forum which need to be followed, this thread also holds various other useful information to help the staff serve our user's better.

    - You MUST have a valid and active e-mail address.
    - No Spamming, flooding, or flaming in threads or pms.
    - No incendiary profanity, no censor bypassing, no personal censors. If you don't want to use the censor, just change it from your control panel.
    - No suggestive material. This includes posts linking to, or otherwise containing material which is pornographic or otherwise in bad taste and unsuitable content for Shingetsu.
    - No hate/racist terminology or use of marks, symbols, or terms that connote hatred.
    - No necromancy.
    - No post gaining spam (except on Mudkips).
    - No double posting (except on Mudkips).
    - No duplicate accounts (deleted on sight).
    - No off-site advertising in posts/topics (community/network sites can post in their boards).
    - No stealing of another's ideas, posts, etc. (theft of intellectual property)
    - Do show respect to other user's and staff on the forums.
    - Verbal harassment, in any form, will not be tolerated.
    - Do not sass the moderators or administrators.


wrote:- Post gaining spam includes posts with minimal content (only a few words), nonsense, excessive use of post tools such as caps and smilies, is significantly off-topic or otherwise clearly indicates a disregard for normal forum standards of conduct.

- Shingetsu includes the option, selectable via your control panel, to allow or disallow the censoring of posts on the forum.

- Shingetsu operates with the use of a brilliant anti-spam system to prevent almost all bot spam from making it onto the forum by forcing all newly registered user's into a moderation queue for their new posts. Registered user's will need to post around a total of 5 times before they are automatically upgraded to Level 2, whereby they will gain access to all normal registered user functions. Level 1 contains, in addition to the moderation queue, the inability to use a sig and post images.

wrote:Failure to adhere to these rules will result in consequences including but not limited to; revoking of specific privileges, disallowing of participation in certain events, warnings, post deletions, and temporary or permanent banning. Consequences and disciplinary action will be dealt out at the staff's discretion.


User's on Shingetsu have several different choices when they're in a bind and need help. General problems with the forum, bug reports, feature requests, etc. should be reported in the appropriate thread, or if there isn't one, or the forum is down for some reason, please e-mail us at and one of us will assist you as quickly as possible. When there are complications/maintance being done on the forum, we will send out mass e-mails so the first thing in such a situation is to check your e-mail. If you are having difficulties with other user's, please pm a staff member and we will help resolve the issue as peaceably as possible. Harassment and/or abuse aimed at another member will not be tolerated and will result in immediate disciplinary action.

Other Things:

Currently on Shingetsu, Avatar's are set at a maximum size of 150 x 150 and can possess a maximum size of 10 megabytes.

Currently on Shingetsu, Signature's are set to not exceed dimensions of 500 (w) x 300 (h).

Prizes won in contests at Shingetsu may not be exchanged once shipped/received. Prizes, when appropriate, may be substituted for another forum prize if the winner is uncomfortable or otherwise unable to provide a shipping address. We are not responsible for prizes that are lost or damaged, nor will we be able to replace them.

The staff on Shingetsu takes the information privacy and account security of it's member's very seriously. To aid us in our efforts to keep things safe and secure please remember never to give out personal information to anyone who asks for things such as your password, or for payment for some service through either pm or by e-mail. The staff on Shingetsu will never ask for your password. If you ever forget your password, a new one will be issued to you. Please note that the exchange of friend codes is allowed and due to the fact that over the years, certain members of this community have become pretty close, we do know general things about most of our friends in rl. Please use use discretion when sharing rl information.

These rules and guidelines are the official rules and guidelines of, PokeSocial, Shingetsu, and Pokemon Twilight.


David Lanham for his riceball emoticons.
BAClash for her ribbon images.
Ethan (A taiwanese) for his cat emoticons
SakuraSaffron for graphics on
Dr. House for her Project 151 avatars.

All content, unless and where otherwise stated, of, Shingetsu, PokeSocial, and Cerise Island is © 2003-2008 Islander Network Inc (MewDragon). No attempt has been made to supercede any previously or currently existing copyright of Nintendo or their affiliates or partner companies. Pokémon, Pikachu and all other elements of the Pokémon franchise are and remain © 1995-2008 Nintendo, GAME FREAK and Creatures. Inc. No attempt has been made to supercede any previously or currently existing copyright to any author(s), artist(s), or other pokemon fan site(s). All attempts have been made to ensure that content, not created by MewDragon, has been duly credited to their original author(s).
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