World of the Ancients (A Pokemon Fic)

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World of the Ancients (A Pokemon Fic)

Postby Dran on Thu Sep 11, 2008 2:19 am

Due to unexpectedly popular demand (which surprised me due to the fact that the first time I did this few if any ever responded), I'll be re-posting World of the Ancients, my epic Pokemon fic, here. I will post one to three a day, beginning with the prologue today, and then starting the 3-a-day trend until about chapter 20, when I believe I left off here. Please keep in mind that I deliberately have left it the same from the original posting, at least this one.

I may also re-post the Legend of the 9 Kingdoms, if anyone who read that before was interested in having it here. But for now, this will due. ;) So enjoy!

"What are you doing man?! Don't stall; we must get to the top of Mt. Pyre now!!" a middle-aged man yelled to his tired counterpart. The sun and the rain were fighting a ferocious battle to gain control of the sky, and thunder and lightning were racing across the clouds as the sun fought them back. The men were lugging a chest up the side of the mountain, and the younger man couldn't understand why they had to, or why the box was so dang heavy.

"Come on; we've been lugging this stupid thing for hours and we still aren't anywhere nearer to the top. If we don't rest, we could fall into the sea..." the young man complained.

"Are you stupid or something? Groudon and Kyogre are tearing up the world as we speak and you're worried about falling down?! If we don't get this thing to the top we may NEVER stop them..." the older man warned. The other man grunted and began to push the chest up the peak again.

When they were about three quarters up the mountain, they were met with a surprise. A large blast of water slammed against the side of the mountain from their east, causing the peak to weaken. Another blast from the west, that looked like a beam of sunlight, blew the peak to kingdom come, knocking the men over. The men managed to latch on to the side of the mountain before they fell and watched as the peak that had moments ago been above them plummeted to the ocean depths causing a large splash of water to rise.

The older man sighed with relief and instructed the younger man to push a bit harder in order to push the chest onto what was now, ironically, the summit. The young man did so and the chest went over and safely onto the patch of dirt. They climbed up over the side and kissed the dirt; they had reached the summit.

"We're lucky those beams destroyed the original summit..." the young man declared.

"We're lucky we aren't dead..." the older man commented.

"Oh well; let's just take out whatever's in this stupid chest so we can get this over with..." the other insisted.

The older man gave him a matter-of-factly look as he remarked, "We're doing nothing; the high priest should be here shortly to finish the job".

Sure enough, out of the clouds, came two flying creatures. One was a large bird carrying an old man and the other was a majestic green dragon with white lines forming symbols on it's body. The bird landed next to the men and the high priest, with surprising energy for someone so old, jumped off. "Thank you, old friend," the priest said to the bird; a swallow creature that was called a 'Swellow'. Swellow nodded and sat there. The dragon flew beside the mountain and hovered there. It looked in on the three men.

"Well? Why hasn't the chest been opened yet?" the high priest demanded impatiently. The two men wasted no time in opening the chest after that. Inside was a large, three edged metal pedestal. The two took it out with much strain. They carried it towards the highest point of the fresh summit. They laid it down, and fell to the ground breathless.

The high priest took out three orbs: a red one, a blue one, and a yellow one, and placed them on the three largest portions of the pedestal. Before he could start his ceremony however, the three men and the dragon were forced to look down.

In the sea, two titan creatures were fighting. One was a snakelike headed creature with broad shoulders and a long, large tail. It had sharp claws on it's hands and the end of it's tail were just as sharp. It's underbelly seemed to be made out of dirt and molten rock due to it's dark shading. It's shell all around the rest of it's body was a deep red. It's name was Groudon.

The second titan looked like a large whale. It had long and wide fins and looked like a literal body of water. It had a white underbelly and reddish eyes with a dark bluish upper body. It's name was Kyogre.

The two titans were brawling so badly that the weather above looked like child's play. It was obvious that they were using all their strength because the very geography around them was being shattered and re-shaped. The earth was shaking, the seas were churning violently, and if the two didn't stop fighting soon it was clear that the world would suffer apocalyptic consequences.

The high priest shook his head. "They used to be so good, too. I guess they couldn't stand one another any longer..." he reasoned sadly. Then he grew a serious expression as he continued, "It's now or never; you two, take the Swellow and head back to the village. Once there, look for a family of strong willed people that are willing to stay on this mountain for as long as necessary. They can only come down to find partners. What are you waiting for?! Go now"!

The men nodded and jumped onto the Swellow. It took them to the village in the far distance. "If we don't stop them soon Rayquaza, innocent humans and pokemon alike will suffer." the high priest said to the dragon. Rayquaza nodded and looked on at it's titan counterparts.

The high priest raised his hands to the heavens and chanted, "Great God of all nature, grant these orbs the power to calm these titans and allow them to fall into a deep sleep"! A strong light shone through the dark prevailing clouds and shined on the high priest and the orbs. Groudon and Kyogre noticed this, and turned their attention away from each other's faces (which they were in as Groudon was holding Kyogre's fins, and vice versa) and looked on towards Mt. Pyre.

The light stopped and the priest tossed the yellow orb to Rayquaza, who immediately caught it. "Inject it into your forehead in-between the white circle. Once you've done so, fly down to Groudon and Kyogre and let out a screech. Please, we're all counting on you!" the priest instructed. Rayquaza nodded and injected the orb into his head. It sealed itself in and the white lines on it's body shone yellow. Rayquaza flew down to the surprised titans and let out a terrifying screech.

Groudon let go of Kyogre and clutched the place where it's ears would be and winced as it started shaking with pain. Kyogre did the exact same with it's fins. Suddenly, the blue and red orbs glew again and so did the two titans. Groudon had black lines form all around it's upper body forming symbols and they immediately glew. Kyogre had red lines form symbols all around it's upper body as well. They too glew.

Rayquaza continued to screech until the titans were on the verge of collapsing with exhaustion. Rayquaza stopped and grinned. Groudon and Kyogre took their fins and claws off their ears and stared at the dragon. The three lights on their bodies glew with more intensity.

Groudon jumped to the mainland, and walked off to a volcano on the other end of the continent. Once there, he jumped up off the sides and landed in the summit. He dug into the mountain causing lava to come up the way water would if you dug over a covered lake. It didn't bother him however, and he continued going down until the sound of his digging was no more. The magma that had risen covered all traces of Groudon being there.

Kyogre at the same time dove undersea. It went so deep that eventually, all traces of it still being alive were gone. The sky completely cleared, leaving Rayquaza hovering in midair. It flew off back to Mt. Pyre feeling satisfied.

Once there, the high priest smiled cheerfully and said, "Thank you my friend; now we'll never have to worry about them for as long as we live! I hope that peace will remain for eons to come". Rayquaza nodded, and flew off, heading in a southward direction.

Just then, the men returned with a family. "You have told them the rules, correct?" the high priest questioned. The family nodded. "Well then, we only have the three other giants to worry about. They were a lot of help protecting the lands from the fall-out of the two Titans' war, but there is no longer any use for them now that the two are dormant. Although there are other reasons... that require them to be sealed away as well. Let us pray that the seals may last, otherwise..."

But he could not finish the thought, nor did he dare, for he knew not even the family they were authorizing to guard the mount of passing could yet know of the danger of which they were still in. "For the sake of the shard bearers... There can be no mistakes," he whispered to himself. He then bade farewell and Godspeed to the new guardians of the orbs and flew off on his bird Pokemon to the deliberate southeast.


Later that year, three caves around the continent were shut and the cave that held the lock to their seals was flooded. Inside slept three pokemon; the guardians of the ancients, the three Regis.

Regirock, the boulder Regi, had used his abilities to use rocks in the aid of protecting people. Registeel, the metal Regi, had used the natural minerals in the ground to make armor for the people and used it's in-destructable shell as protection in the same manners that Regirock had. Regice, the glacier Regi, had used it's freezing powers to protect people and seal up places that were condemned.

Though they were handy during the war, they were no longer needed. The humans had now begun to fear them too, because the humans used common knowledge to figure that with the titans gone, the Regis were able to step up and try to rule over the humans.

They could not have that, and so sealed them away with the help of two pokemon: a Relicanth, the oldest natural pokemon besides the titans, represented Alpha: the beginning. A Wailord, the largest Pokemon upon reaching its natural evolution thus discovered, represented Omega: the end. These two were used in the sealing and only the presence of one of each of their species could unlock the seals.

Their sealing job complete, the ancients turned to their hero;, Rayquaza. They built it a very large and tall tower and named it 'Sky Pillar'. This would be Rayquaza's earthly home, and where the people would meet it to offer thanksgiving for all that it had done. Rayquaza accepted these gifts graciously as he continued to watch over them and gave them the gift of favourable winds and healthy air to breath, and for eons to come, the practice continued.

However, in time the ancient war had disappeared into human folklore, and they no longer even knew that Rayquaza existed. The only ones that did were the descendants of the family that always watched over the two orbs on the summit of Mt. Pyre and the connecting Cave of Origins, of which it was believed the souls of the departed buried in the mountain of passing would be born again of the mystical cave. Even the Regis were forgotten. Rayquaza eventually decided to move on, and took to the sky only returning to Sky Pillar every few years to rest and ensure that the territory was still his. Wild pokemon began to run loose in the tower, claiming the insides of the pillar their own. Rayquaza was happy to keep his roost on the roof however, and did not mind.

And so it continued for ten thousand years, until the expected ones had come at last...
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Re: World of the Ancients (A Pokemon Fic)

Postby Dran on Fri Sep 12, 2008 10:26 pm

Chapters One to Three are here!

Part One

The Three Seals

Chapter 1

It was a peaceful day in Foretree City; the sky was clear, the sun was shining, the bug pokemon were crawling about the walkways in the city and Amanchara was hard at work heaving on the rope that held the logs he needed to complete his tree house. There was a rule amongst the citizens of Foretree; once they came of age, the young people of the town would make their own tree house and move out of their parent's home. That is, if they decided to stay. Amanchara was one of the few children who decided to remain in his hometown. For most young people, flying out of the family nest meant leaving Foretree City forever. Amanchara however loved his hometown and loved the natural sense about it the most. He was a strange one indeed; he was quite the pacifist. However, he never failed to fight back when fighting was unavoidable. He knew when to throw a punch, and when to control himself.

This nature often pushed female companions away, which was why he never had a girlfriend. He was perfectly content with being single; that is, for now anyway. He knew that someday, he'd find the one for him. He didn't like thinking such corny thoughts however, so whenever he thought it he shoved it aside. Amanchara was a tall, broad shouldered young man with white toned skin, and golden eyes. He wore loose jeans solely for their comfort and durability; equally useful in a place like Foretree. He wore a green T-shirt, and he had a yellow necklace around his neck that he'd had for as long as he could remember. He didn't know what it was for, but he did know that it was his, and something that he had to cherish.

Yes, he was busy building his new home. So busy in fact that he didn't even notice when Winona, Foretree's Gym Leader, came to visit. "Hey up there!" she exclaimed. He almost fell off his post in a branch up in the tree. She laughed and he frowned. "I'm sorry; did I startle you?" she asked, still chuckling.

"I'm fine... Do you need anything?" Amanchara replied, trying to hide his frown, which ended up transforming it into a grimace.

"I noticed that you're the only one other than me that decided to stay here....." she replied.

"Yeah; I like this place too much to leave... It always amazed me that people actually wanted to leave for the great big cities out there. Isn't such a beautiful and clean space good enough?" Amanchara asked out of reflection. He tended to get like that often; this was another reason why most people avoided him.

"Yeah; I know what you mean. This place is so natural, and it's the best place to fly around with bird pokemon... That majestic view of the world that they offer when they fly you around can only be seen in a natural place like this; not a hustling and bustling city... Don't you agree?" Winona asked. Amanchara smiled. Now here was someone that he could relate to! No wonder she's the Gym Leader, he thought to himself.

"So... I just wanted to pay a visit. I'm off to do my duties in the Gym now; later!" she said, waving good bye. Amanchara waved back, and when she was gone, he continued working. He didn't think that anything could tear him away from Foretree City; nothing at all. He remained blissfully unaware of his fate; a fate chosen for him long before. He didn't know it, but the fate of the world would soon rest in his hands. For that to occur, he had to leave Foretree. Something had to force him to leave, but none could tell what. Amanchara's parents knew that he had to leave town; that's why they tried to convince him that city life would be better for him. However, he refused to listen to them. That is, until one day, when his very world seemed to be torn asunder.

Chapter 2

About a week had passed since Amanchara started building his tree house, and it was now complete. It sure was a beaut; even though it wasn't much different than the other tree houses in Foretree. Not bad for a novice building alone; not bad at all. He chuckled and figured that he could go into architecture for a living. He decided to first go inside and see how it looked. Ironically, it looked just like EVERY other tree house in Foretree. Actually, not really ironic but still strange considering he made it by himself. His parents didn't help because they wanted him to move out of Foretree. He couldn't understand why they tried so hard to push him away.

Amanchara went back outside and took a deep breath of fresh air. For some reason however, he coughed as soon as he breathed in. There was smoke in the air, and he had just noticed it now. He sniffed the air and found that it was coming from the west of his home; where the rest of the village was!

Amanchara jumped down off his tree house and ran back towards the village. Although in Foretree, he isolated his home from the others. He was worried; fires were unusual in this forest. The thick underbrush normally stopped the flames before they could even REACH Foretree. The only explanation was that someone set it off near the town. Now afraid for the lives of the others in the village, he ran like the wind until he was back in the open. He opened his mouth out of shock and terror. His homeland, the place where he was born and raised, was burning to the ground.

"Mom! Dad!" Amanchara shouted as he tried to run up the burning steps to the hanging walkway in the trees. As he ran he noticed that several houses had fallen due to broken supports. At this rate, the town could fall to the earth before the flames could even engulf it! He ran to his parents home; where he had previously been living. He found that it, like all the other houses, was slowly being burnt down. He burst inside and ran around yelling for his parents to answer. Although a small house, there was plenty of living space and therefore plenty of possibilities of where they could be.

He quickly scanned the house looking for them, and soon found them buried underneath a large pillar that had once been used for support. Now, it was firmly supporting Amanchara's parents down in a burning house. He ran up and shouted "Are you two alive? Wake up! Come on! Answer me"!! At this, they began to stir.

"Amanchara? Is that you, son?" his mother winced.

He knelt down beside her. "Yes mom, it's me! I've come to get you two out of here..." he replied as he began frantically searching for a way to move the burning pillar off of his parents.

"No son, you must listen to me!" she said, grabbing his shirt to force him to look in her eyes.

"Mom..." Amanchara began.

"Son; you must escape while you can. Strange men from the south have come, and they are looking for you!" she explained.

"Grrrr. I can take 'em." Amanchara growled, surprisingly out of character.

"Boy, you must leave!" she snarled, but her annoyance could not hide the desperation in her voice, "They have come to this town to find you, and when they do, they will kill you!"

"I can't just leave you here..." he said.

"You can, and you will! I'm sorry we kept this from you for so long, my son, but you must know the truth. You are-" but she wouldn't get the chance to finish the sentence. As she spoke, the roof fell and landed directly on top of Amanchara's parents. To his horror and grief, they began to burn to death. However, they died naturally when the large wooden roof landed on them.

He began to wheep, but stood up immediately and turned to run. He ran out the front door and saw strangely clothed men killing several villagers. He wanted so badly to teach them a lesson, but he that dying here would make his parent's deaths and everyone else's deaths in vain. He turned away and jumped off the balcony and back onto the ground as he slowly wept. He began running back into the woods, but was caught by several of the men. They jumped down from the trees and made a perfect circle around him.

"You must be the boy we seek..." one of the men curiously remarked. Amanchara growled, and the men laughed. "We went through the whole town searching for you, and here you were running around all this time..." the same man said, with a slight chuckle still in his voice.

Amanchara couldn't control himself. "You murdered my parents!" he shouted, growling viciously.

"Aww; well that's too bad." the man mocked, "Maybe if you came out in the first place, we wouldn't have had to tear this place down in order to find you..." Somehow, he seemed to find Amanchara's misfortune and pain amusing.

Amanchara ran up to the man and slashed him across the face with his nails out of rage. Oddly, it hurt him; a lot. "Argghhh!!! Foolish boy; you'll regret that!" the man said with pain signaling through his voice. Amanchara looked to the man's face and noticed that a large gash was scraped across. He looked at his hand and saw that it was bloody and his nails looked quite deadly. What was happening to him? A minute ago he didn't have the capacity to do this...

The men began to close in on the stunned young man. Amanchara knew that he couldn't survive if they attacked him; he was done for. However, they all heard a bird's screech some down from the heavens and they saw a Skarmory carrying a young woman on it's back. To Amanchara's relief, it would be his savior: Winona.

Chapter 3

"Hey, Amanchara; up here!" Winona shouted. The assassins were a little surprised, but began to go after Amanchara again. However, the Skarmory that Winona was riding on forced them back when it sideswiped them using a Steel Wing attack. They all reeled out of pain, and it gave Winona the time she needed to shake Amanchara back to his senses and get him to climb aboard the Skarmory. They flew off before the stunned assassins could get back up. The shady man that Amanchara had slashed growled indignantly, vowing "One day boy, I will have my revenge. You'll rue the day you crossed me! You hear me?! One day, I will destroy you"!


Winona set a mental course to head to Ever Grande City; she needed to have a meeting with her fellow Hoenn Gym Leaders, and the Elite Four; the law of the land. "Amanchara, you might want to hold on to me; we'll be picking up speed soon..." Winona suggested, sternly. However, Amanchara didn't reply. He just sat on the steel bird, staring off into the distance. Poor kid, she thought. She was lucky enough that she didn't have family in Foretree; they had all moved away. He lost everything when those men attacked.

She grabbed his hands and forced them around her waist, because she knew that he'd fall off without the extra support. Plus, they couldn't go slow because she promised her fellow Gym Leaders that she'd meet up with them in a couple hours; a time not possibly reached while flying at a slow or even moderate speed. Amanchara didn't seem to even notice, and it only made her feel even worse for him.

About an hour into the flight, Amanchara loosened up. He lost his trail of thought and instead looked around at the scenery. Winona was right; things were beautiful when seen from a bird's eye view. It took him a bit longer at that point to realize that his hands were around Winona's waist. However, he decided to leave them; after all, he didn't put 'em there. He let it pass right back out of his mind as he began to reflect on what had just happened again. Slowly yet surely, tears trickled down his cheeks.

When the two finally reached Ever Grande, interviewers were already outside of the main entrance to the Elite Four's base of operations waiting for the Gym Leaders to all arrive. The only ones missing from the bunch were Norman; the Petalburg City Gym Leader, Roxanne; the Rustboro City Gym Leader, and Brawly; the Dewford Island Gym Leader. The other Gym Leaders, who were already there, were Juan; the Sootopolis City Gym Leader, Wattson; the Mauville City Gym Leader, Tate and Liza; the Mossdeep City Gym Leaders, and Flannery; the Lavaridge Town Gym Leader.

The media turned their attention to Winona and Amanchara and their grand entrance as soon as they arrived. Winona landed her Skarmory, and both her and Amanchara jumped off. She returned it to it's pokeball, and she led Amanchara through the crowd formed by the reporters and cameramen and into the building with her fellow Gym Leaders. Once inside, they found that the other three Gym Leaders had already gone inside and had most likely set up their appointment with the Elite Four.

"What has happened?!" Roxanne demanded.

Winona shook her head. "I don't know why, but some strange men attacked Foretree City and burnt it to the ground. Amanchara here and I are the only two survivors..." she tried her best to explain.

"Hmm... this is quite the predicament." Norman said.

"Heh; I agree. This is a very serious problem, it is." Wattson agreed in an oddly cheerful tone. But he was always that way, so no one but Amanchara took note of it.

Tate: What-
Liza: -are we to do?

The psychic twins asked.

Tate: Surely there must be-
Liza: -some possible solution....

"At this point, there is no visible solution; at least not one that I can see... We don't even know the real problem!" Winona replied.

Tate: Maybe-
Liza: -the boy-
Tate: -can help us...

They suggested. Amanchara went stone still. He never expected to be spoken either to, or about. However, the young Gym Leaders caught the attention of all the others. "Gnarly; ask the kid... I like your thinking skill- er, skills you two..." Brawly said.

Tate: Thank you-
Liza: -for agreeing.

The twins replied.

"Hmm.... I agree too. Young man, would you mind sharing what you know with us?" Norman asked. Amanchara slowly nodded.

"Good; then you should come with us and meet the most graceful trainers in all Hoenn!" Juan exclaimed, in a pleased tone. So, Amanchara, under unexpected circumstances, would now have the extraordinary honour of speaking with the most powerful and respected trainers in the region: the Elite Four.
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Re: World of the Ancients (A Pokemon Fic)

Postby Cyrus on Sat Sep 13, 2008 5:33 pm

Wow that's rly good. I read all that you've posted so far :D
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Re: World of the Ancients (A Pokemon Fic)

Postby Dran on Sat Sep 13, 2008 10:56 pm

Thank you, Cyrus! ^^ I will now post the next three chapters, too, then.

Chapter 4

Amanchara followed the Gym Leaders down a corridor in the building and into a great room with a large desk. To most people, this would seem like a meeting room of some sorts. Of course, that was the case. At the end of the table sat 5 people; the Elite Four, and the Champion. The Champion, although more powerful than the Elite Four, didn't have as much control. The Champion was a title granted to one who bested the Elite Four; and did not share as much power.

There was, however, ONE thing that the Champion was responsible for; the Champion had to look after the Hall of Fame. These were the most important recorded documents in all of Hoenn. They showed the names of the people who rose above the Elite Four and became Champion. It was considered crucial because it symbolized the joining of humanity with that of all pokemon, for only one who had absolute trust and friendship with their pokemon could obtain the title. It proved that there is a chance for peace to be between humans and pokemon. This was planned to be attained through the desire for fame and fortune. It was the basic ultimate goal for every trainer, and therefore would force trainers to strengthen their bonds with pokemon. Although very important and treated very serious, this job was not as pressing as the political responsibilities that the Elite Four themselves had. They were the ones that had to be notified of any and all things that happened in Hoenn, and the Champion too would have to be notified. They treated their jobs very seriously, and never abused it.

The Champions name was Wallace; the old Gym Leader of Sootopolis City after Juan left. However, this was the case because the former Champion, Steven, resigned. This left Wallace with the responsibility of looking after the Hall of Fame, so he contacted his mentor, Juan, to replace him by being the Sootopolis Gym Leader once again. The Elite Four, in order of least to greatest importance, were Sidney; the Dark Master, Phoebe; the Ghost Master, Glacia; the Ice Master, and the leader of the Elite Four, Drake; the Dragon Master.

There were two tables in this room; the one that held the Elite Four and Champion in the middle, and the long eleven seated table which formed a "T" shape when combined with the Elite's table. The three at the very end were for people that were meeting with the Gym Leaders and Elite Four/Champion to discuss certain matters. The seats were set up in the same fashion as the Elite Four's were; horizontal with one on either side of the middle chair. Amanchara would sit in one of these seats. The Gym Leaders filed in casually and sat in their appropriate seats, while Amanchara sat in the middle seat at the end, if anything, making him seem more important in the middle of the two empty seats.

"Well, you called this meeting Winona; what seems to be the problem?" Glacia asked her when they were all seated.

"Strangely dressed men attacked my post in Foretree and murdered everyone but Amanchara and I. They also burned the city to the ground." she explained.

Glacia sat back, and Sidney sat forward. "That's weird, considering we haven't heard of such a terrorist group before... how were they dressed?" he asked.

"They wore all black clothing, and attacked with Rapiers. If I hadn't of come back when I did, Amanchara may have been at the other end of one of their weapons..." she replied.

In a seemingly rehearsed fashion, it continued like that; one sits forward while the next sits back. Sidney this time sat back and Phoebe took his place. "Speaking of which, who exactly is this boy?" she asked. "To gain entrance into this room would mean that-"

She was interrupted by Drake, who answered her matter-of-factly, "He has been called here to share with us his knowledge of the attackers. Winona was not there, therefore she would not know. If we are lucky, he could provide a further clue". All eyes turned to Amanchara. "Well then boy, would you share your story with us?" Drake continued. Amanchara nodded slowly, then cleared his throat.

"Um, let's see.... Well when it began I was finishing up my new home. I was lucky enough to be away from the heart of the attack, but I panicked and rushed into the town in order to try and save my parents. I didn't care much then, but as I was running for my parent's home I saw that many townspeople were being slaughtered. But my main worry was with my parents; their house was on fire and I wanted to save them. I went in and found that they were under a burning pillar, and I tried to push it off but my mother stopped me. She said that the attackers had come for me and if I stayed I was in more danger than the rest of the city. I tried to get her to let me help them, but she refused and tried to tell me something about myself that I didn't know.

"She couldn't, however, because at that point... the roof had- They were dead. I attempted to grant her dying wish by running from the house, but before I could leave the assassins surrounded me. One of them, I guess it was their leader, threatened to kill me, and I was blinded by rage because he killed all the people that I once knew, or at least the ones I cared for. I attacked him with my nails and to my surprise they grew out into black hooks. His face was badly scarred, and his men were getting ready to charge, but then Winona showed up. They came to Foretree to kill me and instead got to the rest of the town..." he explained in a rushed tone.

All the Gym Leaders exchanged glances with the Elite Four/Champion. "WHAHAHA! An amazing story lad; I just wish it were true..." Wattson said.

Winona gave him a stern look and said "I believe him; we all should. Why would he lie about something like that"?

"I think what our overly cheerful friend is TRYING to say Winona, is that his story is fairly farfetched. I agree with him; then again, I believe it too." Norman said.

"Me three!" Flannery shouted encouragingly from her spot.

Tate: Interesting, and quite-
Liza: -strange all at once. A tale-
Tate: -such as this-
Liza: -must be true.

The psychic twins agreed. However, several Gym Leaders, and two Elite members, disagreed. "I beg to differ; such a tale as strange as that would have a hard time being factual..." Roxanne commented, "Although, I do not deny that it could be close to the truth, but I feel that it's been a bit- exaggerated".

"Brilliant, but I disagree aswell." Juan said.

"Far out; kid grows claws and almost gets killed! I've seen too much to deny the whole possibility of such an amazing wave." Brawly said, in his usual surfer tone.

"It sounds too much like something Grandma would tell me when I was younger..." Phoebe said out of disagreement.

"Such a fiery tale has nothing to cool it down; it seems far too well planned to be true." Glacia remarked.

"The boy has an honest face, a face of one who wouldn't lie even in the face of death. I believe him." Drake said.

"Me too; the kid is too old in my eyes to want to make up a tale out of nothing in such a serious time..." Sidney said.

It was now Wallace's turn to offer his opinion. "Boy, you know that this is very serious and any lying would be punished, don't you?" Wallace asked. Amanchara nodded violently, too nervous to speak. Wallace stared Amanchara in the eyes for a few moments, then smiled saying, "I believe you too". Everyone was surprised.

"You actually believe him?" Phoebe asked.

Wallace turned to her. "Yes, and for the same reasons as all the others: an amazing tale of grace told by a mature young man who has an honest face. That's reason enough for me to trust his words".

Phoebe sat back amazed, then raised her hand and asked "Can I recant my vote"? Wallace grinned. Although truly not as politically powerful as the Elite Four, the Champion was well respected. Wallace in fact, was very wise for his age and had additional respect for that.

"Well Amanchara, you have our trust then." Drake concluded.

"Th-thank you..." Amanchara said, fighting his anxiety.

Winona smiled and asked "In that case, what are we to do"? The room fell silent. Believing Amanchara was one thing, solving the apparent terrorist problem was another.

"First we'll have to figure out why Amanchara here was targetted..." Drake replied.

"Maybe it has something to do with whatever his mother was trying to say?" Phoebe suggested.

"Perhaps, but we mustn't assume. We have to figure this out before something else happens..." Wallace said. Everyone agreed.

"Well then, we should go our separate ways and try to find information that will help us." Drake instructed.

"If you'd allow it, I'd like to take Amanchara back to Mt. Pyre with me; that necklace of his interests me..." Phoebe explained.

"Alright; if Amanchara will go then it is fine." Drake deemed.

Amanchara thought about it. Eventually, he asked himself "What have I got to lose?" and answered "Yes; I'll go with you to Mt. Pyre".

"Good." she smirked, pleased.

"Alright; we'll meet back in three weeks with what we can gather. Until then, this meeting is adjourned." Wallace explained. They all nodded, and began to leave.

Winona walked up to Amanchara and whispered, "Be careful; I think I know what she's talking about..."
Amanchara nodded. "I'll be okay, thanks".

She returned a grin. "I know; good luck"! At that, all but Phoebe and Amanchara left.

"Well boy, looks like you'll be traveling home with me." she giggled. Great, he thought. He could only imagine what lay ahead of him now.
Chapter 5

Phoebe led Amanchara out of the meeting hall and down the corridor once again. However, she turned into one of the many rooms along the way and entered another hallway. They continued to walk silently, the only sound made was of their feet walking on the marble floor.

They soon reached a large door at the end of the hall and entered through it. It led to a docking bay that had several helicopters in it, which seemed to be for the Elite Four to travel in. Phoebe jumped in one of the helicopters and signaled for Amanchara to follow.

He jumped in obediently, and they were off. Everything that was happening to him; the death of his parents and destruction of Foretree, and the mystery of the assassins forced him into a state of confusion. He couldn't understand what was happening; it was all going far too quickly. His fears and regrets circled in his mind too, causing further mental frustration.

Phoebe could sense this in him; of course, it would be hard not to. As they were flying over the sea routes to Mt. Pyre, she decided to strike up a conversation in an attempt to lure him away from his dangerous thoughts.

"So," she began "where did you get that pretty necklace of yours"? Amanchara stayed silent. She paused for a few moments in order to think of another question, but couldn't get it out. He had begun to answer her first question.

"I've had it for as long as I can remember. I don't know where it came from exactly, or what it's used for; but something inside me treasures it enough to make me keep it with me. Especially after all that's happened the past few days. I can't, and I won't, let it go. It holds too many memories....." he explained, slowly beginning to cry.

Phoebe didn't speak another word, because it was clear that her attempt to help him had failed. They flew on to her grandparent's home: the mysterious Mt. Pyre.

Chapter 6

"We'll be landing shortly, Amanchara." Phoebe warned him as they drew closer to their destination. He was still lost in thought and didn't seem to notice her, but he did buckle up; which served to prove that he was at least paying a bit of attention. They landed in a field on the mountain right in front of the entrance to the inside grave site. The got out and walked up the mountain path to the summit. Once they reached it, Amanchara noticed that at the far end was an old couple standing in front of what looked like a pedestal. There were more graves all around them, and it gave him a bit of the creeps.

"Grandma, Grandpa; I'm back!" Phoebe shouted excitedly as she ran up to hug her grandmother. After she hugged her, she turned to hug her grandfather. Amanchara watched jealously and ended up turning his head away and continued looking around. After the reunion, Phoebe introduced Amanchara to her grandparents. "This boy's name is Amanchara; he lost his home and family after Foretree was burned down...." Phoebe said, rather bluntly. However, no-one seemed to care about that, as Amanchara was used to that being brought up enough all ready.

"Ah; so this young lad will be staying with us?" her grandmother asked.

"Hmm... I didn't ask him that yet... What do you think Amanchara?" Phoebe asked. He turned to face her and then turned his eyes away for a moment.

Then he replied "I guess for a little while if that's all right with you..."

Phoebe's grandmother chuckled. "Of course it's all right! But I'm surprised that you hadn't asked him that already, Phoebe..." she commented.

Phoebe blushed and quietly laughed. "It must've slipped my mind.." she sheepishly noted.

"I tell you; you're far too forgetful, my young granddaughter." the old lady scolded.

"Um, anyway..." Phoebe began, drawing the attention away from her to Amanchara, "I brought him here because I wanted to talk to you about that necklace of his..."

Amanchara couldn't believe it. "Why is my necklace so important to you?" he asked defensively. A little shocked at his temperament, Phoebe said nothing.

"It seems that your necklace has reminded her of one of those tales that her grandmother told her when she was still a little lass." her grandfather answered.

"Yeah; that's what it is..." Phoebe confirmed.

"You mean to tell me that you took me here because of an old story?" Amanchara asked, not changing his tone. Sympathetic towards his feelings, Phoebe's grandparents showed no sign of caring about Amanchara's tone; instead, her grandmother told him the story herself.
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Re: World of the Ancients (A Pokemon Fic)

Postby Dran on Tue Sep 16, 2008 11:53 pm

A bit more now. Here's chapters 7-12!

Chapter 7
"You see, child; there was a story told long ago concerning three necklaces. After Rayquaza, the ruler of the sky, settled the fabled pokemon Groudon and Kyogre with the help of the three magical orbs, legend had it that his shriek caused a piece of each to crack off and disappear. Of course, there is no evidence to suggest such, considering the third orb, the yellow orb, had been infused into Rayquaza himself.

"Now," Phoebe's grandmother explained as she turned his attention towards the red and blue orbs behind her, "we have looked over the two remaining orbs carefully and no such evidence of cracking has ever shown, either. We do have an idea, however; we believe that during the ceremony itself, not following Rayquaza's screech, the orbs cracked, and after the pieces disappeared, the orbs regenerated themselves because they were already active and working. Yet we do not know for sure. Young man, you seem to be connected to this through your necklace itself, and not really because of you." she noted.

"I don't understand anything you said..." Amanchara admitted grumpily, "What does MY necklace have to do with these three pieces of the orbs"?

The old woman let out a small chuckle. "My boy, if you haven't put it together by now then you aren't very bright." she commented in a taunting sort of way, almost to encourage him to think. Amanchara lifted his necklace up to his face and saw the yellow shard almost glimmer with sheen.

"That shard around your neck is the remnants of the fabled Yellow Orb, the missing orb that our family, Phoebe and her ancestors, had a difficult time believing existed. However, seeing the almost magical shine in that shard holds no doubt in my mind that it did. Amanchara, there is one way to test it: walk up to the pedestal and hold your necklace up to the orbs." she instructed to the confused boy.

Not in the mood to argue aimlessly, Amanchara did as he was asked. Phoebe's grandparents moved out of the way and allowed him access to the orbs. He walked up and held out the necklace above the orbs, and to his surprise, the Red and Blue Orbs glew in a majestic light.

Phoebe's grandmother got excited and exclaimed, "My boy, it's true! The orbs; they accept your necklace as their kin"! Amanchara turned his shocked face from the old woman and back to the orbs, unable to even speak.

"But why," he began, still in a shocked tone, "why is it a necklace at all"?

"Legend had it that the orbs themselves are connected to the three Pokemon of Creation in a way that a genie is to its lamp. Rayquaza of course, is connected to the orb that the shard around your neck came from. Groudon; the creator of land is connected to the Red, and Kyogre; the creator of the sea is connected to the Blue.

"However, the opposite orbs control the two. Resurrecting either one of the beasts with the opposing orb is dangerous, but resurrecting both is an outrage. At that point, the orbs are useless. Only with Rayquaza can the ceremony of dormancy ever be completed; until then, the orbs are just minerals.

"Legend tells of a time when the orbs themselves become void; no longer meaning anything to any of the Pokemon of Creation. At this time, a power more threatening than the three beasts themselves will arise, ready to cause pain and torment to humanity as it could have done millennia ago. When this will happen, the three missing shards will appear once more to three people on different ends of the world.

"They must come together and break the three seals on the Regis: the guardians of humanity in the time of the Great War, and bring them together at this place, the mountain of the end of life, in order to stop a sure apocalyptic event from occurring." she explained. Amanchara looked on towards the mainland behind the two orbs' pedestals and out to sea on the other side.

He turned to the old woman still a bit confused and asked "So, you're telling me that I have to go on a journey with three strangers that I'd naturally have no chance of ever meeting, and awaken three OTHER Pokemon"? The woman nodded slowly. Amanchara looked down for a minute and eventually smiled and thought to himself: What have I got to loose anymore?

He looked up and said, "I'll do it; I'll go on this journey". The old woman chuckled excitedly, and began to cough. Phoebe held on to her grandmother in order to keep her steady. Strangely, Amanchara noticed that Phoebe gasped for no apparent reason and became uneasy. "Thank you, my child." her grandmother said after her fit of coughing. Phoebe became a bit worried, but replied, "No problem, grandma".

The old woman turned to Amanchara, saying "Since the other two are no doubt on their way to discovering their own destinies, you might as well go off and lock into your own power first. You must go far south from here to an ancient building called the Sky Pillar; it's just northeast of Pacifidlog. You really can't miss it. Phoebe, would you take Amanchara to his destination"?

"Sure grandma." Phoebe agreed, anxious to leave again. "Hey, let's head out now Amanchara." Phoebe said after the fact. The young man nodded and stepped down and headed to the helicopter. First however, he bowed respectively to the old couple and then left with Phoebe after she said good-bye. They left the mountain, and headed south.

As they were flying, Amanchara asked, "How come you were so uneasy back there"?

Phoebe hesitated a bit, but then smiled and answered, "I thought something was wrong with grandma back there; she seemed a bit... different. Neh; I guess it's just old age". Amanchara gave a semi-suspicious look, but accepted her answer. He sat back and looked forward. He had enough to worry about, anyway. There was a whole adventure waiting ahead of him, and he figured this would finally be when he'd find out who he was. He smiled. Finally; a chance to figure out what his mother was trying to say in the first place. And so, the two flew on; to the Sky Pillar.

Chapter 8
Amanchara looked out the window again and saw to his delight that the Sky Pillar had finally come into view. "Well, there it is." Phoebe observed. Amanchara nodded. "So," she continued, "are you nervous"?

"Hm... I'm more curious than anything." Amanchara replied. Phoebe didn't speak again until they got there.

Once they reached the pillar and landed in the opening next to the entrance, Amanchara jumped out and said to Phoebe, "Well, thanks for everything. I guess I'm going it alone for now..."

She smiled in response. "You'll be fine, Amanchara. I now get what the majority of the League sees in you. You have strong determination and willpower; you need those more than anything. Even honesty. You'll go far, I know it. Good luck"! Amanchara smiled and saluted. At that, Phoebe flew off.

Amanchara entered the ruin of the Sky Pillar and saw to his dismay that it was practically on the verge of collapsing. He didn't see how exactly he'd gain anything for being here, except the respect for ancient architecture seeing as how it still stood strong even with all the holes and cracks in it.

He traversed the dangerous tower carefully, not wanting to fall down any large holes and die before his journey would have even truly started. He was careful to not step on any holes; and when that was unavoidable, he'd long jump over them. Yes, it wasn't that hard for him to jump very far; he might as well have taken up flying. However, he was more concerned with going upwards then about the odd skills that he seemed to have the possession of.

After around thirty minutes or so, he finally made it to the roof. He looped around and went up the stairwell that was still intact and looked around at the barren sight with only rubble to keep him company. Utterly useless, he thought. There was nothing here but rubble and oddly clean and loose air pressure for how high up he was.

He walked to the far end of the roof and was stopped by a deafening screech that came down from the heavens. Amanchara jumped back just as a long, snaky dragon came down from the sky and landed in the opening of the rubble. The creature stared at Amanchara, and he stared at the dragon.

It was green with a strange yellow marking going down it's body; and it looked almost majestic. It had odd, twirlable body parts all down it's body that seemed to be for maneuvering around in the sky, in place of wings. Right below what appeared to be its neck was a separate piece of its body that had its arms coming out of it, and small wing-like flaps of scale that looked the same as the other flaps did on the odd spinning parts of its body.

This area with the arms appeared to be its torso, with the tail coming out of it. It had four large spiky things that resembled horns or even ears protruding from the top and bottom of its head, and its mouth had a red lining that looked strangely like lipstick; even though that wasn't it. It had yellow eyes and a black coloured area around the eye that seemed to be the marked eye socket of its skull. It had what looked like rudder flaps of scale at the end of it's long tail that had the same material as the other odd flaps on its body. It was, without a doubt, an amazing looking creature.

"And who might you be?" the dragon asked in a deep, clearly masculine voice. Amanchara gaped at the sound of the dragon's voice. It laughed. "Don't look so surprised, boy; you must have been able to speak with Pokemon since you were young". This was true; Amanchara was probably the Doctor Dolittle of the Pokémon world. He never told anyone about it though, because he was an outcast enough as was; he didn't need the extra ignorance.

"How did you...?" he began, but the creature interrupted.

"Easy; you gaped when I spoke." it slyly remarked.

Amanchara blushed a bit, but quickly replaced it with anger. "Why did you scare me like that?!" he demanded, trying to draw the creature's attention away from his embarrassment.

"I'm sorry; but I just got back from feeding and you were here. Not my problem, really. I ask again; who are you?" the dragon asked.

"My name is Amanchara, and I was told to come here to- complete a mission... Who are you?" he countered.

"I am Rayquaza; the ruler of the skies and the creator of air. I'm interested in this- mission that you are trying to complete..." Rayquaza said curiously, as he wrapped his long body around Amanchara with about a meter distance away on all sides of him in almost a snakelike fashion.

"R-really? How so?" Amanchara asked, now feeling a bit nervous at the intimidating pose Rayquaza was displaying.

Rayquaza smirked and replied, "You see, I've been waiting many a moon for a boy to come to me asking for something. I believe it was a request to help him fulfill his destiny by unlocking his Hidden Power..." Amanchara stood there, transfixed on Rayquaza's face rather than his long tail that now surrounded him.

"W-well; I was told that-" Amanchara began, but was yet again interrupted by the dragon.

"You were told that necklace of yours is the remnant of the Yellow Orb; an ancient object that was implanted into me to help ceremonially force the feuding titans to fall into a deep state of dormancy. This is true; it is a missing piece of the orb in my body that broke off as I was placing it in my skull. So you are he..." Rayquaza explained.

"H-he? I'm the one you were waiting for?" Amanchara balked more nervous than ever.

Rayquaza smiled. "You hold the shard do you not? Surely you have also noticed- other strange things about yourself that separates you from other humans..." he asked the boy. Amanchara recollected his memories of the previous week, and remembered the long jumping and gray claws first.

"Judging by the look on your face, I know you have." Rayquaza noted for him, in an amused sort of way.

"But I-"

"Don't speak. Talking is what people do to reassure themselves; and you do not need this. I can help you without words." Rayqauaza said hypnotically. Amanchara stared into Rayquaza's eyes, unable to think or even speak again. "Heh; I must seem like an Arbok, don't I?" Rayquaza tested him. The boy just nodded slowly. "Very good; you have shown me obedience; something that you'll need in order to learn from me." the dragon enthusiastically declared.

Amanchara looked down a bit, now put a bit at peace. "Well then; shall we get started?" Rayquaza asked. Amanchara nodded sternly. "Excellent." Rayquaza said amused while grinning.

Chapter 9

Clang! Crash! It was very early afternoon, and the sun was in a position to give anyone working outside the town's mines a sunburn. Kyuukazan; a man in his late twenties, was one of these souls forced to work under the almost unbearable summer sun.

He was a fairly large man, with moderately black skin colour. He was practically all muscle however, which was the way he liked it. He grew up that way, after all. It was a tough life to live in that little mining town of his; which was situated a few hours east of the Hoenn Desert.

Another few hours further east, and you would reach the route connecting Mauville and Foretree; at least, what was left of Foretree after the terrorist incident. Yes, all of Hoenn now knew of the devastating attack; but Kyuukazan had more important things to think heavily on. Like, for example, work.

The mine being the heart and soul of this small and uncharted town, all the men were forced to go work in it when they came of age. Or at least, outside of it. The tracks had to be properly maintained to avoid disaster, after all. He was on track repair duty; clanging away at the metal tracks to make sure that they were tight in the ground.

He stood up for a few moments to catch his breath; wiping the sweat from his forehead with his muscular arm. A moment later, and he was back to work. He also had to worry about another forced responsibility; he, like every other young man, had to find a potential wife. In fact, he should've done that years ago.

However, none of the towns women really meant much to him; besides normal routine business. He liked it alone anyhow; at least for now. As the day rolled on, it soon came time for Kyuukazan to head home.

His parents had died tragically a few years ago, and although he knew that they wished to see him married before they passed, they didn't appear unhappy about it when they did die. They were different from the other townspeople in a way; less traditional. However, that held no relevance anymore, only to his memories. This all being said, It shouldn't be all too surprising that he lived alone.

As he headed home, work-clothes all sweaty and stinky, he did what he did every night before he left; he pulled his necklace up from under his shirt and held it in a position to look at it. It was a very pretty necklace; almost the kind you'd see around a girl's neck.

However, this was a different kind of necklace; it only looked right when HE wore it, and make no mistake, he tried seeing it on a couple girls. It didn't look right at all. They felt so too, and never asked to see it again. Eventually, people just grew to accept it on him. It didn't really take away from his masculinity, so he was fine wearing it.

Not that he was exactly the gruff type; he was fairly hardy on the side of his awkwardly gruff appearance. It's just, he never normally felt the need to feel anything else but indifference. He didn't care, and he liked it that way.

The necklace itself was what he figured to be a ruby; a mineral that was coloured only a bit lighter than crimson. It looked like it was actually a shard of something; but he didn't know or really care what. His parents told him that he had it since he was born, which was something he couldn't entirely believe.

Then again, he didn't look much like his parents anyhow. For a long time he guessed himself to have been adopted, and pressed that matter very little. When he reached his home, a small cabin on the outskirts of town, he entered and got into the shower.

Even though all of the townsfolk worked alongside sweat and stink, they disliked stinking up their homes. Kyuukazan was really no different from them in that perspective. He still was incredibly different; after all, he could secretly speak with the Torkoal who worked in the mines alongside the people.

They did the carrying in and out of carts, and in return, they were given coal. Kyuukazan learned this through conversation with one of the Torkoal who he had once worked with. Of course, he never told anybody of his gift, considering he was an outcast enough as was.

When he was done cleaning up, he got out of the shower and into his night-living clothes, ate dinner and went to bed. Another uneventful day for a pretty uneventful life; that is, until the day after.

Chapter 10

As Kyuukazan was walking to work the next day, he noticed that the Pokémon around were acting rather strangely. They were incredibly jumpy, and just hearing his footsteps made them run for cover. He tried to ask a Linoone what was wrong with all of them, but it jumped at him and then ran away as soon as it slashed at him. "Stupid thing..." he muttered to himself, as he continued on.

When he entered the town, an old man Kyuukazan was well familiar with ran up to him yelling for him to stop and listen. Complying to the old, yet seemingly fit man's request, he stopped. The man, although fit from working in the mines all his life, was all out of breath when he reached Kyuukazan.

"We- found- something- REALLY big- in- the mines..." he wheezed, trying to catch his breath and speak all at once.

"What? A new kind of mineral?" Kyuukazan pestered, getting a tiny bit excited.

However, the man shook his head and his face turned pale. "We found- some kind- of machine..." the man replied, now beginning to breath properly.

Kyuukazan couldn't believe his ears. "A what?!" he stammered.

"A machine..." the man took a deep breath after he said this and began to speak properly. "It's emitting some kind of a- a field... We can hear the field lividly, but we can't see it... It's making the Torkoal go nuts..." the man told him.

Kyuukazan had a strong feeling that there was trouble, and began to run towards the mine. "NO! You mustn't go in!" the man yelled after him; but it was too late. Kyuukazan had already entered the mine. "Stupid oaf..." he said to himself. "If anything happens-" The man's thoughts were interrupted by something that nobody thought would ever hit their town anytime soon: an earthquake.

Yes, the town was now being devastated by an unnaturally large quake that couldn't have been felt in their area for eons. Geology forbade it; as it was far from any fault line, or even powerful ground type pokemon. The ones in the area were too weak to cause such a massive one, all save for one exception.

The children huddled with their mothers at home in a safe spot, while all the men, who were now in the mines, were desperately trying to grab on tight to something. It was now far to dangerous to leave the mines; and the men, all except for Kyuukazan, were attempting to brace themselves for anything. What they were most likely preparing for was a cave-in.

Kyuukazan however had more important things to concern himself with. This machine that the old man had been talking about shouldn't be in a desolate area like this, unless it was an archeological discovery. He had to know for sure what it was and why the old man was so spooked about it.

He also wanted to know if this machine was the cause of the earthquake. If he didn't get there soon, it could spell disaster for the town. After all, the machine had to be shut down if it was causing the quakes. They couldn't afford to lose their mine now; not their livelihood. He had to try and protect it at all costs.

The further he got into the mine, the sooner he realized how the old man could be so out of breath. It was a long way in, and would probably be even longer going down. When he came to the elevator which led down further into the mine, he couldn't help but feel a tingle go up his spine. He quickly shrugged it off, however; as he jumped onto the elevator and set it to go down.

About halfway down the shaft, the elevator had problems working. Kyuukazan tried many different ways to get it to stop malfunctioning (like kicking it and swearing at it), but it ended up giving way in the end. To avoid getting seriously injured or even dying, Kyuukazan jumped to the exit that was right below him at the time, before the elevator plummeted to the depths of the mine and shattered with a noise that could be heard from outside the mine.

Relieved at getting away alive and undamaged, he ran down the tunnel that he was now in until ironically enough, he was where he had to go. In the center of the room, was the dreaded machine.

Chapter 11

"What in the-?!" Kyuukazan stammered, as he looked on at the ancient machine. At least, it looked ancient. But who can ever tell, nowadays? It WAS made of stone, though; so it was most likely as old as it looked. That is, from ancient times.

The "machine" or so the old man called it, looked more like an ancient relic; but Kyuukazan didn't want to think little of this mysterious object. It was dull gray in colour, and fairly large; taking up 1/3 of the already large room, which stretched up high enough that you couldn't even see the top. The relic was circular in shape, and came up about a foot off the ground. It looked like it was a platform of some kind; but Kyuukazan couldn't be sure.

All this was still sinking in, of course; so he had no clue what was truly happening. He would soon understand however, which allowed him to be able to just stare awestricken at this amazing piece of work. Probably the most mysterious thing about it however, would have to be the strange engravings of large footprints on it, and a slot for what looked like would be for a small key right above the engravings.

Kyuukazan decided to walk up to it, as staring at it didn't seem to ever do any good. He did, after all, have a job to do. And that job depended on him stopping the quakes in whatever way he was forced to do. If destroying this thing was the only way to set things back to normal, then he had no choice.

However, he wouldn't get the chance. As he neared the odd artifact, he heard a strong, deep voice shouting "STOP!", and down from the ceiling-less room fell 15 men garbed in strange, black clothes. They all held rapiers too; making them look like a gang of assassins.

The one directly in his path (about a meter or two in front of him) had four huge claw-mark gashes going from the left of his face to the right. Kyuukazan figured that he must've gotten into a fight with a Pokémon of some kind. This man also held the largest rapier; making it clear that he led the other men.

"If you would be so kind, my good man; don't struggle. It will only ensure more pain for when you die." the man noted rather nonchalantly.

Kyuukazan gave an amused smirk. "Wow; I must've done something fierce if someone actually sees fit to hire a gang of goons to take me out." he said, keeping his smirk and showing no concern.

The man gave an evil grin to meet Kyuukazan's cocky smirk. "If that's the way you want to play... Men! Assume positions!" he commanded his men, causing them to immediately form a circle around Kyuukazan and straighten their rapiers out towards him."And now, my cocky, muscular friend; you shall die." the man said in a finished tone, as his men began to edge closer and closer with their rapiers.

Kyuukazan, by the look on his face, wasn't too concerned. In fact, it told them that he could have easily been saying "Bring it on". He stood there, waiting for them to get closer and closer, before he did what his instincts told him to do; he jumped into the air, and came back down hard on his left foot, digging it into the ground and causing a massive quake.

This quake immobilized all 15 of the men, and caused the leader to lose his evil grin and replace it with that of confusion and anger. His men now fell to the ground, unconscious. With only him left, and feeling rather paralyzed, he knew he had once again failed.

Two failures in a row; this would NOT look good on his record... But he'd worry about that later. "This isn't over, you freak! I'll be back; and when I do, you'll breath your last!" the man raged, and disappeared along with his fallen companions with the touch of a button to his sleeve.

"Heh; coward." Kyuukazan said in triumph, as he assessed his win. However, his attention immediately was drawn to his foot; as it was now very large and looked like that of the engravings on the relic. What was happening to him? He could've sworn that he had just used earthquake: a ground type move used by pokemon. How could he, a human, do that?

Even more mysterious was the shape of his foot, and the fact that there were men who wanted to kill him; him, a simple miner in an uncharted village! He lost the happiness of winning the fight and replaced it with confusion. He knew he was different; but how different could he be?

The relic glew with a golden light, and it made him think that maybe there was something his parents should've told him before they passed on. Thoughts then turned to the old man, as he now entered the room from behind him. "So, you've figured it out, boy." the old man observed, making Kyuukazan turn around.

He stared at the old timer blankly. The old man gave a small chuckle. "I'm sure you understand better than any of us that you're different. You always were. None of us really expected you to blindly follow the traditions of our town, as you yourself are a foreigner to this little village, Kyuukazan." the man said, smiling so softly that it disturbed Kyuukazan.

"Yeah, I have noticed a few things." he agreed, not willing to exactly share them.

"Your parents- or rather, your guardians- told me your early story. I, like them, had been watching you grow up. We always knew that you had something to do; something important to achieve. That's why they never pushed you into settling down.

"However, they still in a way felt the selfish desire that a parent feels when their child grows up and is ready to start a family of their own. They want then more than anything to be grandparents, so they can care for a child once again. But they never let that idea get to them, as they knew far too well that you wouldn't want that. At least, not until what you have to do is done." the man explained, keeping his smile.

Kyuukazan kept his eyes on him; as if testing his eyes to try and catch him in a lie. However, it didn't show him lying, but rather the opposite. He was recalling Kyuukazan growing up, which was something that he knew couldn't be less than the truth. "I knew they couldn't be my parents... Somehow I knew it. But I always treated them like they were... I will do my duty then, if not for me then for them." Kyuukazan said out of reflection.

The old man smiled and said, "That's wonderful, my boy. I realize you knew, too. You see, you can't hide your feelings as well as others do. It could be your personality, or it could be a part of the shroud of mystery that surrounds you. Either way, it doesn't matter as of now". The man then gave an impressed grin. "I have to admit, though; you surprised me when you ran into the mines. I guess I didn't take who you are seriously enough." he mused.

"And who is that?" Kyuukazan asked, now sounding a bit demanding, heart beginning to pound in his chest at the prospect of finally being told who, or what, he was.

The man suddenly grew a cold, serious look. "I believe you are in serious danger. I saw the battle, Kyuukazan and I know that group. They were the exact same assassins who attacked Foretree." he explained. Kuukazan's face, for the first time in his life, went pale. If you hadn't seen him before, then you wouldn't have figured that he was actually naturally dark toned.

The man looked over Kyuukazan's horrified face, and completed the thought: "Yes; they have come to kill you by any means they see fit. But don't worry, the town is safe. They found you running into the mines, and so left the town alone. But for the sake of yourself and the town, I fear that it's time for you to leave our village and do what you were destined to do from the day you were born. Kyuukazan, you are Groudon's incarnate".

Chapter 12
"I'm- what?" Kyuukazan balked in a clearly lost manner. T

he old man smirked. "Think about it, my boy. Why else would you be as strong as a Tauros and about the same size of one too but taller, have the ability to speak to Pokémon- oh come now, don't look so shocked, I've heard you do it-, cause an earthquake by stomping your feet when they grow to match the size and shape as those engravings in that relic, and get off with wearing a goofy looking necklace without people feeling the least bit awkward at seeing you wear it?" he asked, recollecting all of Kyuukazan's already betrayed secrets.

Kyuukazan looked at his hands and saw that they were shape-shifting into large claws and back again; as if trying to prove to him what the old man was saying. "This is... who is Groudon?" Kyuukazan questioned. The old man wasn't surprised at this.

"Groudon is an ancient behemoth pokemon that sleeps, as rumour has it, under Mt. Chimney. He was once one of the three titans that helped, in their own ways, to create this world. Groudon was the creator of the land, and shaped the land mass of our world. Eons ago, he got into a feud with Kyogre; the creator of the seas, and the battle they fought soon became known as the "Great War".

"Rayquaza, the creator of the air, stopped their quarrels with the help of three mysterious orbs. They put the feuding titans into a state of dormancy, and Groudon has been sleeping ever since." the old man told him.

"But if he still exists, then what's the purpose of having me?" Kyuukazan asked, sounding interested.

The old man chuckled. "That, I do not know Kyuukazan. You must figure that out yourself..." he answered him.

"So where should I begin? Wandering around aimlessly just sounds stupid and pointless... Not that it matters either way, quie frankly..." Kyuukazan asked.

The much older man looked at him thoughtfully before answering, "You should go see some family of mine on the summit of Mt. Pyre. Just tell the old couple that 'Little Ally' sent you, and they should trust you". Kyuukazan nodded. "Okay... I hear you." he said, and then smiled before finishing with, "How do you think I can thank you for your help"?

The old man chuckled and suggested, "Just do what you have to, and I'll be happy..."

Kyuukazan smiled again, but then the expression was replaced yet again with that of confusion. "So," he began in an almost casual way, "how did you get here anyway? The elevator was destroyed..."

The man looked in random directions as he explained, "We had to make some... minor renovations to the mine; but we were able get down here fine and that's all that really matters, wouldn't you say?" in a rushed tone.

Kyuukazan just stared at him indifferently. "You didn't... ruin something we've been working on since before I was born, did you?" he asked in a disturbingly nonchalant way.

The old man got a little fidgety and then remarked dismissively a few seconds later, "It doesn't really matter; nothing we can't fix"! He gave out such an obviously fake laugh after he said this that Kyuukazan began to feel his blood boil.

"Anyhow; you should follow me to the top." the old man rushed in the same way. Kyuukazan, now feeling a bit agitated, followed him.


"You have failed me again, Sako." the head assassin's shady boss said to him, in a rather annoyed tone.

"I seem to have misjudged their fighting skills, sir. It won't happen again." Sako replied, trying hard to hide his anger at being bested by a kid and a cocky, large man.

"For your sake Sako, it better not." the shady man replied, in a way that would make one's bones chill.

"Yes sir." Sako responded, trying to keep his voice as indifferent as possible. The two of them were in a large meeting hall, set up much like a long office. However, it was dark because of a lack-there-of viewable windows. The man in which Sako was speaking to was in a large chair behind a large, horizontally positioned desk.

Because of the darkness, Sako predictably couldn't see his face. The desk and the chair were on an elevated platform made out of the same material as the floor, with six steps leading down from all in front of the desk and going to both walls. Okay, fine; it looked like the typical office of a villain.

"Now, I have one new task for you to complete before you go after our third little friend..." the man began, sounding amused.

"Task, sir?" Sako asked, now sounding more curious than upset.

"Yes, Sako; I feel you should do a much smaller job for me before I can trust you again..." the man replied, clearly grinning.

Not liking this, but not willing to cause trouble with a man who's powers he didn't even know after getting his butt kicked twice by two young twits, Sako grudgingly replied, "Of course, sir".

The shady man edged a bit closer off his seat. "Do I sense a bit of... reluctance?" he asked, almost warningly.

"No sir, I'm just willing to give anything to teach those two arrogant brats a lesson." Sako half-lied.

The dark man assessed Sako for a moment before saying, "Ah; I see. You'll get your chance soon enough, Sako. But first, I must be sure you can handle a smaller mission..." Sako sighed relief in his mind; he just dodged a bullet.

"I will do it to the best of my ability, sir." Sako assured, giving a salute at the end.

"You had better." the man remarked, losing all amusement. "You are dismissed, Sako. Miss Takisari will inform you of the mission objectives on your way out." The dark man thereby dissmissed Sako, who gave one final salute and left.
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Re: World of the Ancients (A Pokemon Fic)

Postby Miror B. on Wed Sep 17, 2008 9:06 pm

I haven't read this in so long I forgot almost everything :<

Wouldn't happen to have a back-up of all the up-to-date chapters somewhere, wouldja Dran? Still,
good stuff.
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Re: World of the Ancients (A Pokemon Fic)

Postby Dran on Sat Sep 20, 2008 8:31 pm

I most certainly do, Miror. ;) Thanks. Unfortunately I can't post any today, though... I must depart very soon to do University studying I have fallen behind in. :P
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Re: World of the Ancients (A Pokemon Fic)

Postby Dran on Tue Sep 30, 2008 12:32 am

Whoops; sorry it's so late! :P Here are the next few chapters.

Chapter 13

It had been nearly three months since Foretree was destroyed, and Amanchara was still feeling the after effects of being the sole survivor that witnessed the whole of the attack. Truly, he would remember it for the rest of his life. After all, he lost two pieces of himself that day; his home, and his parents.

He was also predictably haunted in his sleep by his parent's last moments alive and what they could've possibly wanted to say. Even after all this time, he still couldn't quite figure out what they were trying to tell him that could've forced complete strangers to want to kill him.

However, his teacher; Rayquaza, did not want him to dwell on these mixed feelings of confusion and despair. It interrupted his training; something that Rayquaza always stressed that he needed. Amanchara also couldn't figure out what was so important that they had to train so much.

But his teacher told him once, and only once "It's bound to come in handy, some day. The path you must follow will no doubt lead you into far more dangerous situations than the destruction of a village in the country. Trust me, my boy; you need to be prepared".

This angered Amanchara a bit; seeing as how it's almost as if Rayquaza were calling Foretree's destruction meaningless. But he knew that wasn't the point his teacher was attempting to make.

Rayqauaza also tended to say things hypnotically; more so than he had the first time Amanchara met him. Yes, that's the most blunt you can say it. He made sure that everything he would teach Amanchara sunk into his very soul; and did so in a very slow, unnerving mannerism. It seemed to Amanchara that his teacher figured this out from ages finished battles that Rayquaza must have fought.

Although a very serious teacher, Rayquaza knew when the time would come to take a break and have some fun. Mainly by flying Amanchara around the world to release stress for both of them, but other than that they would normally just sit down and discuss.

Amanchara enjoyed all of Rayquaza's age old stories about wars and protecting the world and ancient legends that made the old dragon laugh every time scientists tried to dismiss them. All these fantastic stories from ages long past; they all intrigued young Amanchara.

One day, Amanchara asked his teacher why it was that Rayquaza could get along with either of the other two titans, but they couldn't stand the sight of each other and thus caused the Great War. Rayquaza took Amanchara aside and told him this: a tale that few people knew, and the kind of tale that is always ignored in any story of feuding.

"Amanchara, you have to understand something." Rayquaza began, "Something in fact, that all three of you; the other two bearers of the shard included, will have to know. You see, Groudon and Kyogre were once very close. Closer than even family could get".

Amanchara's eyes went buggy. "You mean... they were... er- lovers?" he asked, feeling a bit nervous.

Rayquaza laughed at this. "No, no; not THAT close... But it wouldn't have surprised me if it evolved into that..." he told his pupil thoughtfully. Amanchara stayed silent after that. "No; they were best of friends. The kind of friendship that everyone is able to have, but very few tap into it. Everything they did was to help the other. And yes; both always had that serious attitude towards their duties... But they didn't let it interfere with their love for the other."

Rayquaza then obviously noticed Amanchara's confused look after he said that last sentence, because he then added: "Love comes in many forms, and is not reserved for mates alone, my boy. The love for a friend is the same kind of love as shared with your family, and only a step below that with your creator. Friendship IS love; and that is what becoming mates is shaped out of. It's the most powerful feeling, and then, the most easily misunderstood, and therefore the most common to be taken for granted".

Amanchara nodded understandingly and allowed his teacher to continue the story. "Anyhow; as I was saying, they were bonded tightly with each other. Even in the worst of times, even in the worst of disagreements that they inevitably shared, to this day, I still think they never lost that bond. The Great War came about because of an argument with the humans; an argument that wouldn't have existed had Groudon and Kyogre not tried so hard to protect the humans in their realms.

"You see, boy, their forms were shaped in a way that made it clear that they were never meant to travel to the other's realm without causing problems. Wherever Groudon went a drought was soon to follow, and the same principle applied with Kyogre causing floods. The humans, unlike the rest of creation, were unable to tolerate this. However, the two titans never once thought that what the humans were saying was wrong and that there was nothing wrong with the other coming into their realm.

"This in turn, led to strife. They had such a strong desire to protect the ancient humans that it got in the way of both their work and their friendship. Problems soon arose on either side that caused disagreements and fights between the humans of one titan and the humans of the other. Wars broke out amongst the maritime living ancients and the mainland living ancients and caused further unfixable strife between Groudon and Kyogre.

"Yes, Amanchara; the humans are responsible for the Great War. The battle between Groudon and Kyogre came about because Groudon finally got fed up with Kyogre's reluctancy to stop the war between the humans. Kyogre was indeed all for fighting in order to finally finish the strife, however Groudon saw it as catastrophe for his domain.

"Her domain, after all was the sea; a battlefield that the humans had yet to develop the ability to fight on. However, his domain, the land, was being reshaped into a wasteland. This aggravated him. It was clear to him then more than ever that she couldn't care less about the land; his land, and he took this as a direct insult to himself. She had lost respect for him, and both finally understood this. It was time to take matters into their own hands, and with nothing to stand between this looming fight anymore, the earth was doomed to witness an apocalyptic battle.

"The Great War lasted for years; generations even. Both titans never resting and never stopping to settle down. The tension between them grew even more, and it soon became clear to the humans that their saviors; the creators of the world, had lost all care for the planet. They would fight until one of them was felled, which made this a titanic battle of life and death. The humans were wise enough to see that they would be doomed if the battle was allowed to finish itself, and so they took it upon themselves to create a titan of their own.

"This titan's name was 'Rejitaitan'; the titan of service. It was made to protect the human race from the fallout of the Great War, and to ensure that the destruction would be limited as much as possible to the planet and not the creatures living on it.

"However, this man-made titan soon proved useless as there was so much trouble and not enough time for Rejitaitan to get from place to place. Therefore, they separated it into three, creating Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. The separated titans proved far more invaluable to the human race than the one had, and so more could be done.

"At last, the humans had developed a plan to put an end to the Great War once and for all. Too many humans and pokemon alike were suffering, and it was time to put an end to the titanic feud. That plan, required three mystical orbs and the final titan of creation: me. The creator and ruler of the air. I didn't appreciate their war, but I decided against getting involved because I was so sure of their once indestructible bond. I, of course, was wrong. I failed to understand the problem the humans unintentionally caused them, and it cost the world thousands of years of progress.

"The humans came to me with a request; a request to end their fighting by not destroying them, but by sending them into a deep sleep. I was interested in this idea, seeing as how they were both still my friends even after all that was going on. That is, I wanted to give them a chance to be normal again. A high priest of my own group of followers was to be the one to help me see it through, and we chose Mt. Pyre as the spot to hold the ceremony." Rayqauaza explained.

"So it was our fault..." Amanchara noted mourningfully. But then he became curious. "So why was Mt. Pyre chosen?" he asked.

Rayquaza chuckled out of amusement and replied, "In Hoenn there are two places that mark the Alpha and the Omega for life. The Cave of Origins situated in Kyogre's domain marks Alpha, and Mt. Pyre in Groudon's domain marks Omega. You see, the Great War caused the flooding around Mt. Pyre. The ocean in fact would've been miles out had the war never happened".

"Uh..... okay then." Amanchara said, not knowing exactly what to say to this long story. Rayquaza smirked playfully.

"I can tell that you are confused at this long and deeply-meaningful tale, Amanchara. Trust me, I was too for a couple thousand years after the war... But now I finally understand. After the ceremony which resulted in them sleeping and me with the Yellow Orb situated in my skull, the Regis were sealed away." Rayquaza explained.

"How come?" Amanchara asked.

"Quite simply because it was slowly becoming clear to the three that the only thing standing between them and ruling their masters was now out of the picture. By the time the three were sealed away in their respectable areas, the Regis were a true threat." Rayquaza commented, whipping his tail over the side in order to stretch it.

"So... what are the three of us supposed to do?" Amanchara asked, clearly talking about he and his fellow shard bearers. Rayquaza grinned.

"That, my boy; is a tale of it's own and will be told another day. Thank the Great Creator..." he added at the end, causing Amanchara to smirk in a way that told Rayquaza he acknowledged that he was partly being insulted.

Rayquaza let out a hearty laugh; one he hadn't heard since the day they met. It seemed that Rayquaza was dying to tell somebody the whole of this story, and Amanchara was glad that he told him.

"Now then," Rayquaza began, as he flew up into the air and assumed battle position, "You ready to train"? Amanchara smirked again and nodded. It was time once again to train; as he reflected on the depth of the story.

Chapter 14

"Sako, sir; we have set the anchor down, and are preparing to set the nets and wait for your orders." a young man in a black suit said to Sako, who was in command. "Excellent. Drop the nets; it's time to fish..." he replied, giving an evil grin. The young man gave a salute and left the room.

Currently, Sako and his crew were on the ocean in between Lilycove and Mossdeep. They were instructed to look for an odd fish pokemon that dwelled in the deep areas of the water. Apparently, it was very important to Sako's boss' plans; how, he wasn't too sure. However, it was a very simple mission and worthy a one to regain his superior's trust, as two failed assassination attempts in a row were not good.

The boat they were on was a freighter; a medium sized one, at that. Sako was in the captain's quarters, seeing as how he ran this expedition. His superior, whoever he was, had his resources. That was for sure. Not that Sako really cared; all he cared about was getting this fish pokemon that his boss desired to acquire so he could get back to his duties as an assassin. After all, he still had one more shard bearer to deal with; and he still had to wreak his vengeance against the other two shard bearing brats for what they did to him. He would get his revenge soon enough.

About ten minutes later, the same young man came into his quarters and declared, "Sir; we have captured an odd looking fish pokemon".

Sako smirked. "Excellent; lead me to it." he commanded. The young man nodded and led Sako onto the deck. The deck was in an uproar, as men ran back and forth throwing ropes over a strange looking fish pokemon in a net in order to hold it down, as it was thrashing about.

Sako walked up to the fish as his men began to tug on the ropes and held the clearly angry pokemon down. He knelt down about a meter away from it, which obviously aggravated it a bit. Not concerned with how upset the pokemon was and more concerned on if it was what he needed, Sako began to look the fish over.

It was indeed very strange looking. In fact, it looked like a fish-shaped rock with gills and closed eyes. Perhaps it only opened it's eyes on rare occasions? Either that, or it could sense movement without the use of it's eyes. It was dirt brown with splotches of lighter brown along it's body. It had two circular red spots on either side of it's body, situated a couple centimeters down from it's head. It had four fins on it's underside, and one projecting fin above it's tail, and one below. It's dorsal fin seemed to be connected to the head part of it's body. In fact, this creature looked like it had never changed it's form for millions of years. This made it appear ancient.

An evil smirk crossed his face as the fish seemed to be staring him in the eyes. This was what his boss wanted: a Relicanth. That's what it was called; an ancient name for an ancient looking fish. The Relicanth then began to attempt to thrash around again, clearly not liking Sako or any of the men who were there. "Sorry, my friend; but you belong to us now." Sako explained to the fish, giving an evil chuckle under his breath as his words seemed to aggravate it even more.

Sako then stood up. "Take it to the holding area; and treat it well. It needs to be alive and in good shape for what my superior is planning for it." he ordered to his men, as they then began to drag the bouncing and thrashing fish to where they were ordered to take it. Turning to his second in command, the same young man who reported to him earlier, Sako then ordered, "Now get this thing moving! It's time to head back".

The young man gave that same salute and relayed the orders to the crew. Finally; he was getting out of this fish-hole and back to his job. That job; what he was good at, was murder. Yes, an assassin's life is indeed in cold blood, but Sako didn't care. Good work, good money; the only problem was that he had to be shoved below some shady character who hires him every time he got a new job. He was his own boss normally, and liked it that way. That's why he hated that aspect of his job: being nothing but a murder-some underling to some guy who's face he'd probably never even see.

But he decided not to dwell on that, as it interrupted his work. Now that this simple mission had been complete, he could go back to doing what he had always done: assassinating. He could now finish the job he had begun and go after the third shard-bearer. He would not escape Sako; not after the other two. He would die, and nothing would stop that.


Having been given a proper sendoff by the people of his village; or rather, the village he was raised in, Kyuukazan began his journey to Mt. Pyre. In fact, he was now camped out a kilometer or two east of the Berry Master's House on route 123. It had been about a week since he left, and he was determined to get to Mt. Pyre.

The next day, he set out to finish his journey. By sundown, he made it to Mt. Pyre. Although a long walk, he was able to make short work of it due to the great shape he was in. Life in the mines sure did help in that department, even though that part of his life was most likely over. Not that it really mattered to him, as he liked to move on.

That was probably another clue as to what separated him from his town; they all stayed in the same town forever, but he wanted to move on someday. As he thought about it, he realized more and more that he was an idiot for not recognizing the signs sooner. However, he shrugged all these thoughts off once he entered the natural monument that stood as such for the dead.

After going through the beginning of the man-made tombstone tower that was built inside the mountain, he came out on the path that led to the mountain summit. He saw several pokemon; all fairly docile. They clearly didn't feel the need to battle him; even though he was on their territory. The ghosts that ran free, however, were different. They most definitely wanted to bug him.

However, he continued on and ignored them. He had better things to worry about, after all. He would soon be face to face with the people he knew somehow would be able to tell him more about himself, and the role of being a sleeping titan's incarnation.

Chapter 15

The night before Kyuukazan made it to Pyre, something odd was going on at the summit. "Hmmm... Something isn't right with Grandma... I think it's time I checked it out." Phoebe whispered to herself, as she sat in her room in the cabin on Mt. Pyre. Standing up, she slowly crept out of her room and down the hall until she was sidling on the wall right beside the door into her grandparent's bedroom.

The Elite Four/Champion and all of the Gym Leaders had failed to uncover anything of any importance in the time that they gave themselves to look into the matter of the mysterious group of assassins who were after Amanchara and burned Foretree to the ground. The only thing they did find was that the same group attacked a small mining town to the east of the dessert on Route 111 some time later. However, this didn't help them.

Instead, they decided to stay off of their duties a little while longer in an attempt to uncover anything at all. They needed more time, and they needed a clue. Otherwise, all of Hoenn would no doubt fall victim to these strange attacks, until there was no point in even HAVING a Pokemon League.

Thus, Phoebe had returned home in an attempt to uncover anything in her grandparent's vast knowledge of history in their region; just in case this had to do with an ancient event that had come back to haunt them. In doing so, Phoebe noticed increasingly odd behaviors in her grandmother. Her grandfather seemed fine, but her grandmother seemed incredibly sickly and pale.

Now, in any other case one would consider this a case of old age; where her body was naturally beginning to shut down. However, Phoebe knew that her grandmother was far too strong to so easily succumb to sickness; even with her old age. Mystery exhumed from this odd situation like a stink from a colony of Grimer, and Phoebe was determined to get to the bottom of it.

Being naturally cautious, Phoebe also took her pokemon with her. She could never be too safe; even in her own home. She stealthily peeked into her grandparent's bedroom, and noticed that her grandfather was sleeping soundly.

This would've been a soothing sight had her grandmother also been there with him. However, the side of the bed that her grandmother would sleep sat undisturbed; she was up and elsewhere. Quietly, she took out a pokeball from her side and commanded, "Come out, Sableye". With that, a purple ghost pokemon with diamond eyes and a mischievous grin came out of the ball, just as quietly as it's master spoke.

"Sableye; try and trace where grandma could be." Phoebe commanded, in the same hushed tone. The ghost nodded, and it's diamond eyes glew. Phoebe looked in the room to make sure that the noises hadn't (and weren't doing so) awakened her grandfather. To her relief, he was still sleeping like a log. That would've changed had he been snoring.

Sableye's eyes stopped a few moments later, and he pointed to the door which led outside. Phoebe nodded, and stealthily crept with her pokemon to the door. The night was at twilight, and it was then predictably dark and cold. Shivering a bit, Phoebe turned to her Sableye once more after closing the door and asked, "Can you tell where she went"? Sableye did as it had done before; made it's eyes glow and tried to sense past movements.

Sableye pointed to the human graveyard. This graveyard was situated on the summit, and was special. It was the only human tomb site on the entire mountain, and it was dedicated to the family that had been guarding Mt. Pyre and the Orbs since ancient times. Phoebe's ancestors rested here; and now her Sableye had directed her to it. She began to wonder if maybe her grandmother was paying respect? Only one way to find out.

Phoebe and Sableye ran into the human graveyard and looked around for her grandmother. No sign of her. Then again, it was pitched black outside; and no light to guide them. She then got an idea. "Dusclops, go!" she shouted, as she threw the ball and let out another ghost pokemon. This one looked like a cloud that had spiraled up; but looked dirty instead of white, and with lines circling around it a few inches apart from up to down. It also had glove-like hands coming out of it's odd shaped body, and one intimidating looking eye in the middle of it's head/body.

"Use will-o-wisp to grant us light." Phoebe ordered. The ghost nodded, and moved it's hands in a circular motion, causing small embers to appear and dance around in a ghostly fashion. "Okay; great work, Dusclops." Phoebe said, happy that there was now light. Dusclops nodded again, and then exchanged a similar nod with Sableye before Phoebe recalled it. "Alright; now let's look around." Phoebe instructed allowing the will-o-wisp to freely dance around and provide an eerie light source.

Soon enough, she found something odd. On of the tombstones was loose, and it came off; revealing stairs. Recoiling with a gasp out of shock, Phoebe motioned for her Sableye to go over to her. It complied, and came rushing over and looked curiously down the dark stairwell. Now recovered, Phoebe then confidently said, "Come on then; let's go down". Her Sableye nodded, and followed her down the stairs.

When they reached the bottom, they soon found that they were in catacombs. Of course, that wasn't very odd considering the whole mountain was a grave site. However, this place gave off a very creepy aura; one that gave Phoebe the chills, regardless of the fact that she grew up living with ghosts on a severely haunted mountain.

Slowly, the two of them walked down the halls. Sableye sensed it's master's fear, and instinctively began to creep on the walls, beginning to try and make it worse. However, it stopped once it realized what it was doing. Maybe if she was a stranger; but she was his master, and the master ought not be messed with. At least, not unless she wanted to be.

So, he jumped back down and followed her again; Phoebe not even have known what had almost happened. Deeper into the catacombs, it became clear that this was your all-purpose place; with the bones of thousands of pokemon and humans alike. Phoebe quietly thought to herself that it must not be a very healthy place to be traversing in due to the fact that so many creatures had "gone back to the earth" here; and some (to her disgust) still doing such. She soon decided to drop that; as it was in no way helping her mood of walking in the dank and smelly place.

What seemed like an hour later, the two came to a large and thankfully open room. At the far end sat an altar. This didn't surprise her though; as this was most likely the place where the dead were prepared in order to be put in the walls. Although, there was something glowing on the altar. "What in the world-? Sableye; do you have any idea what that is?" she asked her pokemon. It shook it's head and stared in at the mystically glowing object. "Whatever it is, it looks important." she stated, "Let's take it and find out what it is".

The pokemon nodded, and jumped to the altar. He opened his pointy hands in an attempt to grab it, but was stopped. Something came out of the shadows and grabbed Phoebe from behind. A hand came over her mouth, and she screamed into it. However, it wasn't human. It was a pokemon's hand. To be specific, Mr. Mime's hand.

Sableye jumped away from the altar and tried to attack the Mr. Mime from the sides and behind in order to free his master; but to no avail. The pokemon had put up invisible walls, stopping the attacks. However, this was not either Reflect nor Light Screen; they were walls made by Mr. Mime's miming. But how a Mr. Mime got into the catacombs, and in the Hoenn region when it was native to Kanto, was beyond Phoebe's comprehension.

Just then, a shadow fell over the glowing object and it disappeared into the altar. In it's place, stood a Gengar. "Gengar." it said nonchalantly.

"Mime, mime; Mr. Mime." the other said.

"Sabe?" Phoebe's Sableye said, cocking it's head. Apparently, the three of them were engaged in conversation in pokemon tongue. Feeling faint at the lack of oxygen (since Mr. Mime's hands were so big), Phoebe stopped struggling and instead hung limply in the Mr. Mime's grasp.

"Sabe; Sableye." Sableye said, seeming to be trying to talk some sense into the two pokemon.

The Gengar shook it's head. "Gen, gen; Gengar." it said sympathetically. Sableye's mouth turned into a scowl. Apparently, it wasn't going to let them go. The Gengar smirked, and pointed it's finger out towards Sableye. At that, shadows creeped on the wall and Shuppets, Duskulls, Ghastlys, and Haunters appeared from the walls.

The Gengar then disappeared and reappeared behind Mr. Mime and Phoebe. With one final word (which seemed like a command to the other pokemon), it grabbed onto Mr. Mime and disappeared with it and Phoebe. Sableye got into a battle pose; it knew what was coming next. It was him, vs. these other ghosts.

Chapter 16

Allowing one of them to make the first strike, Sableye stood there. A Haunter came first. It tried to lick him, but Sableye jumped up out of the way and used Psychic on the Haunter. The Haunter didn't stand a chance; it was knocked out. At that, half of the Ghastlys came at him.

Sableye was ready, however; as he dodged every last one of their licks and threw several Shadow Balls. This in turn knocked them out. Sableye landed on the ground near them and smirked at the other ghosts. Easy pickins', he was thinking.

Getting angry, a few Shuppets came at him. They proved more of a challenge, as they used stronger attacks than lick; such as Night Shade. Although, it wouldn't have mattered; as Sableye was more than enough for a move like that. Even so, his battle with the ghosts raged on until mid-late morning the next day.

Getting tired, he knew it would only be a matter of time before the quantity of enemies outmatched his individual strength; he needed to escape the catacombs before that happened. He jumped over a couple Duskull and threw a Shadow Ball at the floor in order to stop them from following him for a bit. This time would be all he'd need; as he quickly traversed the catacombs back up to the top.

When he reached the outside, he quickly put the grave back over the hole where the stairs were. Knowing that it probably wouldn't hinder them as they could fly through it, he continued running until he accidentally ran into none other than Kyuukazan.

"Whoah; what's wrong?" the startled young man asked, being knocked over a few centimeters by the impact.

Sableye was panting, and he answered, "M-master... Pheobe... she- taken by-" but before he could finish his sentence, Sableye collapsed. A little shocked at the sudden turn of events, Kyuukazan picked the ghost pokemon up.

Surprisingly, he could do so; regardless of the popular belief that ghosts are transparent and have no physical form. The funny thing about ghost type pokemon however, is that they're the opposite. They work in the same way living creatures do, which confuses the fact that they're technically supposed to be dead.

Not worrying about this, Kyuukazan continued on for a minute with Sableye in tow until he saw a shack in the distance; to the far right of the platform which held the two orbs. He figured that somebody could look after the pokemon there; as he had his own business to see through. He did in a way feel for the Sableye, but his mission weighed on him heavily.

When he reached the door he knocked on it, and a nervous looking old man answered the door. "Yes?" he asked, a little harshly. Kyuukazan then held up the pokemon.

"This Sableye is injured, and I was wondering if you could-"

"That's Phoebe's Sableye!" The old man shouted, interrupting Kyuukazan.

A bit confused, and concerned this could effect why he was even on the mountain, he asked "What's going on"?

The old man gave him a suspicious look. "You don't KNOW? How did you come across this Sableye, then?" he questioned.

"Look; I was just coming up here to talk to an old couple about something important and this Sableye ran into me! I don't know where it came from, but it said at least that it's master Phoebe was in trouble..." he answered, feeling agitated. The man's face turned white.

"Phoebe... What could have happened to my granddaughter?!" he stammered.

Kyuukazan's look clarified that he had nothing to do with the situation, so the man trusted him enough to let him in. When they were in, the man took the Sableye and called for his wife, who came into the living room/lobby/kitchen of the cabin looking flustered. "Yes dear, what is it?" she asked, sounding in a hurry.

"This young man has told me something very troubling... it concerns our Phoebe." the frightened old man replied. The old woman's face went stony.

"You have seen our precious Phoebe?" she asked, now sounding like she was almost pleading. Kyuukazan didn't know what to say. He shook his head.

"I haven't seen Sableye's master; I saw him running into me and looking injured and out of breath." he replied.

The old woman held her head. "He must have been in a battle... But why without Phoebe? He is a trained pokemon, after all... He has been his whole life..." she asked the air mournfully. Totally lost, Kyuukazan decided to just go with the flow of the whole scenario.

"Okay; let's just calm down, and try to figure this out..." he said. He had to get this finished; he realized at this point that this old couple had to be the one he seeked, and until they were at ease, they couldn't help him.

"Of course; first we must heal Sableye... You CAN communicate with it after that, yes?" the old woman asked. Kyuukazan looked stunned, but the woman's husband seemed to understand.

"Ah; are you one of the shard bearers, then?" he asked Kyuukazan. He shook his head again to get the confusion out, then he held up his necklace.

"Forgive us; but we cannot help you until we find our granddaughter..." the old woman said. Kyuukazan nodded.

"I can help anyway. You're right, I CAN talk with pokemon." he replied.

"Wonderful." she said, smiling for the first time.

"Alright; we shall revive Sableye and then try and figure out what has happened..." the old man said. Kyuukazan nodded. He knew that he was apparently supposed to do something important, but he never suspected that he'd be in for so many mini-duties and detours.


"Hmmm... Strange." Rayquaza noted, as he and Amanchara were resting.

"Um... What's wrong?" Amanchara asked his teacher.

The dragon looked from his student to the sky and replied, "Something is amiss. But I can't place my finger on what... It feels as thought an ancient balance has-"

"Been shattered? I wouldn't be surprised..." Amanchara interrupted.

Rayquaza smiled. "Since when did you begin to be so rude?" he asked, almost playfully. Amanchara blushed and dropped his gaze. The great dragon laughed heartily. "Relax, boy; it was an honest mistake. But try not to do it again, alright?" he asked Amanchara.

The boy nodded, feeling a bit sheepish. "Cheer up, Amanchara; you're not far past adolescence... But this is a looming problem that I cannot ignore." Rayquaza said looking off into the distance with a serious gaze.

Amanchara smiled. "So... Are we gonna go see what's wrong?" he asked.

Rayquaza nodded, keeping his gaze out to the lowering sun. "Yes; it's time you showed me what your training has taught you. It is time." he declared. Then, he looked to the boy and said, "But before that, you have one more task to complete".

"I'll do whatever I have to, master..." Amanchara replied, looking more serious. Rayquaza smiled.

"Then I hope you truly are ready." he said.

"Uh; what do I have to do?" Amanchara asked, now curious as to why it was so important.

"It's time for your exam, child; either you pass or you fail. You must finally use what I have taught you in order to release your Hidden Powers; much like an Unown unleashes it's Hidden Power, so too must you. All three of you need to. It is the only way." his master replied. Amanchara nodded.

"I- I'm ready.... I can feel it...." he said, determinedly.

"I believe so too, Amanchara; let us hope we're right." he thoughtfully answered.

And so, Amanchara stood up, walked over to the far corner of the roof of the pillar and stood there. He then went into a state of concentration, and began to will his power out. "Remember, you must have a motive." Rayquaza explained.

Amanchara closed his eyes and nodded. His motive? Simple. His late parents, all of Foretree, the safety of his new friends and the desire to see whatever fate has in store for him through. THAT was his motive: to have all he cared for not to care for him in return or leave him, in vain.

As soon as he thought this, sparks shot across the sky around him, and the wind picked up. Soon, a whirlwind had engulfed him, and Rayquaza watched proudly as his pupil had finally begun to move to the next level. The winds picked up into a cyclonic speed, and the whole pillar shook. Amanchara, in the winds, was changing. His arms protruded out, and his legs combined into a long tail. His nails and teeth grew, and his body did too; his head turning sharper, more majestic. And just as quickly as it had begun, it ended.

The winds stopped with a roar from Amanchara, and his body appeared from beyond the dust. His body glimmered in the sun's rays, and his black, serpentine body with white symbols was shone forth. He was now a dragon; but not just any dragon. Rayquaza looked on, his eyes partially tearing; but barely noticably.

"You've done it, Amanchara; you've really truly done it!" he shouted excitedly, as he flew up into the air. Amanchara looked himself over.

"I- I'm a-"

Rayquaza then interrupted "Yes my boy, you have released your Hidden Powers and are now the being you were born to be! You are, The Shard Keeper Amanchara: The Black Rayquaza of the Air"!

Chapter 17

"The- What?" Amanchara asked, confused.

Rayquaza smiled, and instructed, "Just look at yourself". Amanchara did, and found that his teacher was right.

"Im a- Rayquaza..." he commented, beginning to wobble drunkenly.

"You must be shocked and confused.... I'm not surprised." Rayquaza chuckled, grinning, "But you must get over that quick; as you have a duty to fulfill".

Amanchara shook his head in order to clear it, and then nodded. "Right. I'll do my best, Master Rayquaza".

Rayquaza, looking slightly amused, then deemed, "From this day forth, I am no longer your teacher. We are now partners. I help you, and you help me; war buddies, as I believe they are called". He then chuckled and concluded, "Just call me Rayquaza".

Amanchara smiled back, nodded, and said, "Right; thanks for all your help".

Rayquaza's face then grew serious. "Now we must head for Mt. Pyre; I believe that is where we will find what is wrong." he suggested, looking to north northwest, as a strong wind shifted in the direction his head was pointed.

Amanchara looked in the same direction. "I think you're right. I smell something... Do you?" he then asked.

Rayquaza turned to him a bit surprised and responded, "No, nothing that I'm familiar with. Do you know the smell"?

Amanchara looked down, then into Rayquaza's eyes as he declared, "It's Winona's".

"Hm... Are you sure?" he asked. Amanchara nodded.

"I know her smell... It's definitely hers." he explained, sounding absolutely sure.

"In that case... This might get interesting." Rayquaza mused, looking back out to sea.

Amanchara then got a bit anxious. "Okay; I think it's time to get going..."

Rayquaza shook his head, saying, "Not yet. Something has indeed come up".

"What?! But I thought-"

"Had you not smelled your Gym Leader friend, we would be on our way. But if she is near, then we must learn why." Amanchara looked down. "What's wrong, child?" Rayquaza asked.

"Why is she here...?" he asked, almost to thin air.

"Perhaps... she was worried about you. You were, after all, the only one to escape-"

"Please; stop mentioning that... I remember it enough in my sleep." Amanchara interrupted.

"Fair enough." Rayquaza ceded, as he rose high into the air. "But we still have to find her. She's close by... Or else you wouldn't have smelt her."

Amanchara was about to say that the mixed smell of her scent and her birds could be smelled from almost a hundred miles away, but he decided against it. "Well?" Rayquaza asked from above him, "Where is her scent blowing from"?

Amanchara sniffed the air, and was surprised at what he found. "A mile or two north... And coming this way." he relayed up to Rayquaza, as the dragon then scanned the northern horizon and a bit south of it.

"I see a girl on a skarmory..."

"That... would be her."

"Excellent." Rayquaza said, smiling, "We can meet her on the way. Now, let's go". Amanchara sighed and flew with Rayquaza in the direction Winona was in.


"Huh? Are you sure? That's... crazy." Kyuukazan said, as he was listening to the newly healed Sableye tell the story of what had happened the night Phoebe went missing.

"What?! What has it said?!" Phoebe's grandfather demanded.

"Well... Sableye here says that she was taken by a Gengar and a Mr. Mime. Why, he doesn't know, but he thinks that it's got something to do with a weird, glowing orb that he and her found down there in the catacombs under the human graveyard." he explained, crossing his arms and shaking his head. "It sounds a bit odd to me... Especially with the appearance of strictly Kanto pokemon in Hoenn."

"Yes, well odd comes with being a resident of the pokemon world. However, I must say I've never heard word of such a thing underneath where we bury our dead family members..." the old man replied, giving a thinking pose at the end. The old woman coughed, nervously. Her husband turned to her with a suspicious look on his face. "You mean, you KNEW?" he asked, looking shot. "Why hadn't you told me"?

"It was passed down through my family, dear; I was to pass it on to Phoebe. Believe me, there are many things on this mountain that I have yet to tell you about." she admitted. Kyuukazan shook his head.

"Well a lot of good keeping those things a secret did, eh?" he said bluntly.

The old woman lowered her gaze, but the man said, "Now, now; I won't worry about that... All I'm concerned with is the safe return of our granddaughter. I'm sure you just... forgot... with your old age, anyway".

The old woman chuckled slightly. "Yes, dear; I must have only forgot. Now then; about that orb... I can't quite place my finger on what it is supposed to be, but I do remember that it was supposed to be a very important relic." she noted.

Kyuukazan nodded. "Yeah, well that would explain why somebody would bother to take it. Maybe we should look into this a bit deeper?" he suggested.

However, the woman shook her head. "No; Kyuukazan, this is now out of our immediate hands. We cannot keep you from your destination any longer, and so we must let you go on your way while WE deal with this ourselves." she said.

"Are you sure?" he asked, a bit surprised.

"Yes; it is time. You must head for a place called Jagged Pass going down the side of Mt. Chimney; there, you will find a cave that will lead to the resting place of an ancient creature. You must speak with this creature; he who resembles a sleeping mountain. Is this clear enough for you?" she asked at the end.

He dropped his head and thought for a moment, then answered, "Yes; that should be fine. I can figure the rest out on my own, after all".

"Good." she said, smiling. "Now please; leave this problem to us. We will contact you if we need aid".

A bit curious, he asked "How will you do that? I don't have a Pokenav let alone a phone..."

She then counter-asked, "Who sent you to us"?

Remembering what that old man he knew from his hometown said, he replied from memory, "Little Ally".

"Little Ally? You know Little Ally?" the old man balked, looking a bit surprised.

"Yeah... Something wrong with that?" Kyuukazan asked.

"Oh no, boy; not at all. On the contrary, he was once an esteemed trainer who challenged the Elite Four." the old man replied, seeming to feel proud of him.

"Did he beat them?" he asked the man.

"Er- well no... He lost at the hands of the Champion. But he still made it very far, and for that he was recognized as a great trainer. He even got invited to settle down in Agate Village in the Orre Region some few hundred miles east. However, he said that he had some responsibilities to uphold in his village, so he turned the offer down." the man explained.

"Right... So what made you ask?" Kyuukazan then asked.

"We can contact him and get him to relay the message to you. I'm sure he can find you... He was always good at that." the old woman explained for her husband, smiling at the end.

Kyuukazan nodded. "Okay, then; I'm off." he said, turning to the door.

"Be careful, Kyuukazan; you cannot fail. You must succeed in your duties or the world may suffer..." the old woman then warned. Kyuukazan stopped dead. What did she just say? 'The world may suffer'? Now he knew he was in over his head.

But he also didn't want to even think about giving up before he even began as that would just be stupid; so he nodded and replied without turning back around, "I'll remember... Good luck". At that, he left and headed for Jagged Pass.


"I have captured that which you have requested of me, sir." Sako declared, bowing slightly to his superior.

"Excellent; perhaps you are ready to redeem yourself after all..." the shady man answered, giving a slight grin.

"My job is assassinations; if you would, I would like to get back to doing such." Sako then said, which slightly changed his superior's mood.

He slammed his fist on the desk, sending a sharp tingling feeling down Sako's spine; however, fairly unnoticeably. "You're 'job' is whatever I say, Sako. You're 'occupation' is an assassin; which I have now come to believe you may not be the best man for the job at." he snapped, sounding very cruel.

"Of course, sir, I understand. Please forgive my ignorance." Sako answered, bowing respectfully. The man calmed down.

"You can redeem yourself by succeeding in assassinating the final shard bearer, Sako. Now go; there is much to be done that require my immediate attention." he concluded, in a final tone.

Sako bowed and saw himself out. The nerve of that high and mighty twit, Sako thought. It wasn't like he was anything but a mercenary; he could quit at any given time. But soon, he realized that he was no longer a mercenary; not by immediate choice, but because he joined THIS organization of all the possible choices. He now served this man until his goals were complete.

He scowled as he walked out the lobby of the very large building his superior worked in. It was under the name of 'Devon Corporation', and was located in Rustboro City. The Stones, the previous owners of Devon, no longer were in control of the growing and expanding company.

Steven, the old president's son, went on a journey to train and look for rare stones after he relinquished his title of Pokemon League Champion unto Wallace; the previous Gym Leader of Sootopolis City. Mr. Stone, or so everybody called Steven's father, one day just vanished, and Sako's boss took over the company.

Not much was known about this shady man; he never even gave his name. However, he kept a tight alibi; so it was hard to make many accusations against him. The shadier, the better the payoff, Sako had thought. Now he was rethinking his decision; but he still knew it was far too late. He WOULD complete his mission; he would do so, or die trying.

Chapter 18

"Atsumi! Atsumi, come here!" a young woman called to her little sister; although technically, they were only about a year apart. Atsumi came running down the hill and into the middle of the field where her older sister was.

"What is it, Asanagi?" she asked as she drew closer. Her sister shook her head.

"One of these days you'll get yourself into far too much trouble than you're worth..." she said, as Atsumi finally reached her.

Atsumi knew exactly what her older sister was talking about. "The tide came in early today, and I wanted to get out to see it." she explained, clearly trying to excuse her irresponsibility.

Asanagi gave a stern look as she declared, "Today was MY turn to be off morning duties. However, YOU decided to lay them on me two days in a row..."

Atsumi crossed her arms and proposed, "How about I do it tomorrow and the day after and we can call it even"?

Asanagi sighed and shook her head. "Alright, alright... But I'm warning you; the sunrise better look the best it can the next two days!" she said playfully as she grabbed her sister and began tugging her back to their home: a seaside cottage next to a lighthouse about 10 miles east southeast of Pacifidlog Town.

There was a little village a few miles west of their home that the family would take turns going into. After all, lighthouse duty was a hard and trying duty. That being so because of the constant cleaning, lighting, and managing you had to do every evening and early morning before the sun sets and right after it rises.

Asanagi was a thin young woman who actually had a fair amount of muscle on her bones; that being so because her and her sister had to take after their father; as he had only two daughters and his wife. Their mother, being a strong and able woman, managed to keep the house mainly in order by herself. However, the two sisters would rotate between which of their parent's duties they would help perform.

It was tough for the whole family, but it didn't bother them. Someone had to do it, and nobody else was willing. Asanagi also wore fairly loose, untraditional clothing and had a strange necklace that she wore day in and day out. It was coloured as a sapphire, and glistened in the light of the morning sun. It looked like a shard, and Atsumi knew her sister had it from the day she was born.

Atsumi herself was also thin and a little less muscular; as Asanagi would normally take it upon herself to do their father's morning duties anyway, regardless of who's turn it was. Atsumi didn't let her sister's unneeded nagging get to her though; as she saw it as more of a blessing than a burden. She mainly helped their mother. She wore semi-casual clothing; nowhere near as loose and untraditional as Asanagi.

Asanagi, being a tomboy, did many things Atsumi might never do. Although not exactly docile, Atsumi was a lot calmer; although much more mischievous in her own ways. They took after their parents more so than other people would, considering they didn't really have friends. There weren't many kids their age to ever hang around with in the village, so their parents were all that they had.

As they drew closer to their lighthouse home, however; they heard a loud bang which resembled an explosion coming from the direction of the house. They stopped dead, and looked each other in the eyes. Atsumi could see the horror in her sisters eyes; something she had never seen to that date. They both feared the worst, but didn't know what else to do but run home and hope it was from farther off.

However, and quite typically, they had no such luck. The lighthouse was in flames, and the cottage was on the verge of collapsing. "Oh Great Creator..." Asanagi choked, as she looked on at what was once her home for the past 21 years. Atsumi bit her lip and ran into their unstable home. "Atsumi, no!" Asanagi cried out in vain, as her sister disappeared into the flames.

"Stupid girl... Even I wouldn't do that." she cursed to herself. However, she knew her younger sister had chosen their fate for them, and so she ran after her into the flames of their home. Atsumi looked around for their parents, not willing to believe the now hovering possibility that they might not have escaped, and their lives were on the verge of burning out.

However, she found both of them alive in the middle of the burning living room, forced on their knees by a group of seven shady men. One of them, who had several long gashes across his face and was more than likely the leader, was standing in front as two were holding Atsumi and Asanagi's parents down and the other four were on the sides, their hands at the ready and holding onto their rapiers.

"I ask for the last time; Where is your shard bearing child?!" Sako demanded.

"Safe... and if we taught her well, far away from here!" her mother bravely spoke. Sako grabbed hold of her neck and began to slowly choke her. Atsumi gasped slightly and bit her tongue; not wanting to give herself away but so eagerly desiring to cry out for her.

"If that be the case, I'll hunt her down until I find and kill her. Now either tell me where she is, or I will kill YOU, and THEN her!" Sako rather testily warned. Asanagi came in behind Atsumi (both hidden behind the burnt wall and peeking over) as their father began to desperately thrash.

"Let her go, you piece of-" but before he could finish, the assassin holding him hit him over the head with the hilt of his rapier, causing him to fall unconscious.

"NO! Calvin!" their mother screamed, as Sako's hold on her neck tightened. Neither Asanagi, nor Atsumi wanted to sit back; but the instinctual sense to keep themselves safe for their parent's sake stopped them from yelling out.

"If that is how you want to play..." Sako began as he unsheathed his rapier, "Then I'll just kill you so you can't get in our way..." Atsumi and Asanagi watched in horror as her mother closed her eyes.

"My daughters... Our little babies... Stay safe." she whispered, as Sako stabbed his rapier straight through her heart. His face was that of disgust and impatience as he then pulled it out of her now lifeless body. Atsumi's eyes welled up with tears as she slowly wept into her older sister's chest. Asanagi patted her on the back as her own eyes watered. They began to walk to the door in order to escape, but Sako caught them.

"I see their deaths truly would be in vain; here you are, watching helplessly as your parents give their lives to keep you safe. Too bad it meant nothing." he commented, grinning maliciously. Asanagi's eyes were filled with hatred.

"You monster!" she shouted, "They were unarmed and helpless! If it's us you want then why kill them"?! Sako grinned.

"Not only did you stupidly return, but you also reveal yourself as the shard bearer..." he said, as he drew closer.

"Atsumi; RUN!" Asanagi yelled to her sister.

"But Asanagi..." she began.

"Listen to me now! It's me he wants so you have to get out of here before he decides to kill you too!" she yelled. Atsumi violently shook her head. Asanagi grew desperate. "Don't be stupid! Mother and father's last wish... At least one of us needs to survive!" she shouted. Sako stood back grinning, awaiting their decision. Something about this torture amused him. It only made the two hate him and his men more.

Atsumi gave in, and nodded. "Don't die... You're all I have left..." she said, as she ran out of the burning house. Sako gave an evil grin.

"Ah; going to be the hero, eh? It makes my job all the easier..." he said, as he drew closer. Asanagi looked on at the blood-covered rapier in his right hand. Just then, she gained enough courage to ask one last thing.

"Why do you want me dead? What have I done that could possibly give anyone the excuse to have me and those who get in your way dead?" she asked the head-assassin. Sako gave a serious look.

"That necklace you have; you and it stand between my superior and his goals." he replied, stopping in his tracks. His rapier resting at his side. Asanagi instinctively grabbed hold of it.

"My- my necklace? Me and my necklace? I don't understand..." she said, almost hopelessly. However, her voice remained bold and strong. Sako did not enjoy killing people who had this trait; he preferred the ones who would fall to his intentions before falling to his blade. It made him seem weaker; and this he couldn't deal with.

"And you never will, either. This is where your journey ends; before it even begins.", he noted as he raised his rapier above his head pointing to the ceiling. Asanagi awaited her death; and whether she understood it or not, she would take it for her sister.

"Atsumi.... Live long and strong, sis." she whispered, as Sako lowered his rapier and jabbed it into her body in several fatal places in a rapid motion. Asanagi fell to the burning ground; cold and motionless. Her blood stained the shard around her neck; and Sako grinned.

He had done it; he succeeded in assassinating the last shard bearer. Now all that stood between him and redemption from his earlier failures was to kill the first two, and get his revenge by doing so. At this, he motioned to his men, and they all left as the house continued to burn to the ground.

However, the house wouldn't meet the fate it should. Asanagi was still alive; but barely. With her last breath, she released her inner power; washing away the flames of both the cottage and the lighthouse. Even so, that was all she had left. She then fell back down to the now damp but singed ground. The blue shard bearer, one of the three last hopes for the world, was now dead.
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Re: World of the Ancients (A Pokemon Fic)

Postby Miror B. on Tue Sep 30, 2008 6:13 pm

That chapter made me sad, man. But still Dran, I can respect that you have the drive to write such a great piece.
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Re: World of the Ancients (A Pokemon Fic)

Postby Dran on Tue Sep 30, 2008 10:05 pm

I'll assume you meant Chapter 18. :P

Well thank you, Miror... This story was definitely my darker one, at least at this point. Always had been.
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