The Great Journey (Pokemon FanFic)

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The Great Journey (Pokemon FanFic)

Postby B!OHAZARD on Wed Sep 24, 2008 8:34 pm

Well, I'm testing the waters with my story at this board. Everywhere else I've posted it, I've gotten generally good reception. Now, enough of that; I'm not much for shameless self-promotion (unless I'm trying to gather readers, of course ^_^).

Now, a couple of warnings: First, if I had to give The Great Journey a content rating, it would be PG-13+. It's got some of the "stuff" in it. And, for legal reasons (by which I mean BAN RESISTANCE!!! *say in impressive 50's-era radio voice with lots of echo in a large, empty room*) I'm obligated to mention that.

Second warning: It's LONG! Like, REALLY, REALLY, LO-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-N-N-N-N-N-N-N-N-G-G-G-G-G-G-G!!!!!!!!!!! The average chapter is about 7 pages in Word, before adding extra line space for ease on the eyes. You have heard my warning. Also, I have several Prologue sections, all very necessary. You'll look at it and be all like, "Wait, Prologue: Part III?" Then your brain will rupture when you realize it's like, nine pages long.

Now some things about the story itself. It takes place in the same general era as the Team Galactic story arc in the same pokemon world, so obviously important people in the pokemon world (like Prof. Oak, gym leaders, league members, etc...) will be similar, but it's also got elements and characters from the games (but not like Ash/Red... people like, well, I can't remember...). However, what I've done with the world and these characters gets ridiculously complicated over the story's progression.

Geography-wise, there's only Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh, but everything is scaled to a planetary level. I don't know who invented Fiore (Pkmn Ranger) and Orre (Colosseum), but I don't need them.

Okay, I'm done with explanations. Here's the story.

The Great Journey: Table of Contents
-Prologue: Part I (This post)

Most recent updates:
-Prologue: Part II
-Prologue: Part III

(For some reason, I can't link to these posts individually. I'm probably failing at finding something important...)

Prologue: Part I
8 years ago...

10-year old Nathan Teralis was immersed in the scene nature placed before him. The sun was setting in the sky, giving his hometown of New Bark a bright orange hue. He turned his head away from his house, where the sun reflected in his eyes. As he looked skyward, he became mesmerized with the way the clouds were racing through the air; their bright glows almost making them look like little rocket ships; afterburners propelling them forwards. He thought he could hear a voice calling his name... “Nathan.... Nathan....” Then he felt a sharp poke.

"NATHAN!!!" He turned around to the source of the voice. Then, he was shocked to see himself standing in front of him. Then, he heard a giggle. A little brown-haired girl his age looked at him from around the “himself.”

"Sam, don't do that!" Nathan whined. "You know I hate it."

"Well, next time, pay more attention to me," Samantha retorted. Samantha Jacobson was Nathan's neighbor and best friend. They had known each other for five years, when Nathan's parents bought their house in her town. They became friends, and over the years spent their free time playing with pokemon. Samantha's family was a family of pokemon researchers. Her mom was a Pokemon Marine Biologist, and she spent her days out at the lakes in Johto, studying various water pokemon. Both her father and grandfather were pokemon professors. Her father, Darrell, was also best friends with Xzavyer Teralis, Nathan's father, who was a renowned scientist, archaeologist, and pokemon trainer. Xzavyer held the record for youngest trainer to ever beat the Elite Four, at age 15.

"Okay Ditto, you can stop now." Nathan spoke to “himself”, remembering what he had been doing previously. Nathan and Samantha had taken a Ditto from the Jacobson Lab and spent the afternoon taking turns showing Ditto various objects and watching it transform into them. Samantha, noticing Nathan’s momentary lapse in concentration, decided to play a nifty little joke on him and had Ditto transform into a copy of Nathan.

“NATHAN!!!” Hearing another scream of his name, Nathan turned towards his house and saw his mother leaning out of a window. “Come on, Nathan, you’ve played enough tonight. You’d best come back inside.”

“Aww, Mom, why? It’s not even dark outside!” Nathan was very upset with this.

“It’s getting close enough,” his mom said without patience. “I don’t want you out when it’s dark. You know that it’s not safe for you kids at night these days, what with the news spreading all these stories about children disappearing and people getting mysteriously ‘lost’ and turning up the next day with wounds or never turning up again!” Nathan’s mom shook her head in disbelief. “You need to say good night to Samantha and come inside. NOW.”

“Alright… Sam, I have to go in. I’ll see you tomorrow,” Nathan sighed as he walked to his house.

“Bye!” shouted Samantha as she picked up a pokeball and returned Ditto. She ran back home and let herself in her house.

The next morning at the breakfast table, the Teralis family was preparing to start their days. Xzavyer Teralis took a sip of his coffee and continued reading the morning paper. He was reading up on the results of the latest League and Gym challenges. There was a picture of a spiky-haired blonde boy about 12 years old who was holding a Thunderbadge, the symbol of victory from the gym in Vermillion City in the Kanto Region, and standing next to his Ivysaur. Lt. Surge, the gym leader, was quoted in the article saying, “Well, I put up a tough fight, but this boy and his Ivysaur were too much for my electric pokemon. This boy has a lot of potential; I’ll tell you that. I haven’t had a good fight like that in a long time!” Xzavyer looked further down the page. There was another picture with just the boy. The picture said “Hector Walker, age 12, and his friend Ivysaur.” Turning the page, he saw that there was an article containing info about the new research institute being built in Viridian City. Moving back to the Johto news, he picked up a bagel and began to take a bite. When his attention was diverted from the paper for just a second, he heard from the TV,
“…destroying acres of natural pokemon habitat.” Confused, he turned around to the TV and was stunned by what he saw next.

“Lucy, come see this…” Xzavyer called his wife, picked up the remote, and turned up the TV. On it, there was a reporter standing in a forest that was badly scarred. Trees were burned and stacked like firewood. Smoke rose eerily from the area. What was once a green forest was now a badly burned stretch of destruction. “Isn’t that right near our house?”

“Growlithe, go wake up Nathan,” Lucy said. The family’s pet, Growlithe, a fire-type doglike pokemon with red and black fur, happily leaped up and dashed up the stairs to Nathan’s room. Lucy moved toward to the TV and listened to the reporter.

“Hold on… We’re losing signal again. Do we have a lock? Good. *Ahem* Good morning folks. If you’re just tuning in, I’m broadcasting to you live from an area roughly two miles from Violet City,” the reporter began. “As you can see behind me…” As he spoke, the camera panned away from him and focused on the surrounding area. The picture distorted violently, but it was still recognizable. “…This area has been badly damaged. Construction crews have been called in to help with cleanup, and you can see them working here.” In the background, various men and troops of Machoke and Machamp were lifting singed logs. “We still have no idea what happened. This morning, a woman was going for a jog and came across this singed patch of what was once forest. She immediately called the local police. Now, we’ve been having technical problems since we got here because for some reason there is a lot of electromagnetic distortion in this area. But, so far, scientists have been analyzing the scene and the best hypothesis they have as to what has happened is that a lightning bolt struck in the forest and burned it down.”

“What? How could we have lightning?” Xzavyer asked, puzzled. “It was clear last night…” His wife hushed him.

The reporter was now talking to a scientist. The scientist said,
“We will continue to bring you updates as soon as we have a better picture of what happened here. Until then, there is no need to worry. We believe this was a natural occurrence. You have nothing to fear.”

“Oh well,” said Xzavyer. “Time for me to head to work. I’m surprised they haven’t called me in yet.” Xzavyer was a member of the PSI, which stood for Pokemon Scientific Investigation. They were a group of pokemon scientists that aided police in deciphering puzzling scenes of crime or otherwise. Xzavyer put down his paper and picked up his briefcase. He walked to the door. As he reached it, he heard Nathan scrambling down the stairs. Nathan ran up to his father and grabbed his legs.

“Why do you have to leave so early?” Nathan asked, looking up at his tall dad.

“They need me at work,” Xzavyer replied. “Big incident out by Violet City. I’ll see you when I get home. Good luck!” With that he kissed his wife and son and went out the door. He pulled out a pokeball. “Go, Dragonite!” he yelled. A 6-foot tall dragon as tall as he was with two tiny wings and a powerful tail emerged from the ball in a flash of white light. Dragonite yawned and then smiled at him. “Hey buddy,” Xzavyer said. He climbed on the dragon’s back.

Nathan watched his father and Dragonite lift off into the sky. His mother called him for breakfast.
I wonder what he meant by “good luck?” Nathan wondered.

“Nathan, hurry up and eat,” Lucy said. “You have to go meet Professor Jacobson this morning.”

Nathan sat at the table and began scarfing down his breakfast, wondering what the professor wanted from him.

When Nathan finished the 150-foot walk to the Jacobson residence, he knocked on the door and stood nervously. He kept looking back towards home and shuffling his feet, and therefore didn’t notice when the door opened.

“Good morning, Nathan. Sam will be upset that she didn’t wake up to see you,” a kind, but energetic voice said. Nathan turned, startled and looked up to see Darrell Jacobson smiling at him through his glasses.

“Good morning, Professor.” Seeing his smile, Nathan relaxed a bit. “Mom said you needed to see me this morning.”

“Hmm?” The professor looked confused. “No,” he said. “I don’t have any reason… Oh!” Darrel pulled a little electronic device out of his pocket. Flicking his fingers across the screen, he pulled up his calendar. Then he smiled very brightly. “Ahh, yes! You need to talk to my father, not me.”

Now Nathan was really confused. He gave his thanks to Darrell, walked through the kitchen, and proceeded out the back door that lead to the massive pokemon lab.
”What could the professor want from me?” Nathan asked himself. When he got to the lab door, he pressed a button. A metal plate slid back and a screen protruded from the building. The screen flicked to life and an Alakazam appeared. Alakazam, a powerful psychic pokemon, was the lab assistant for the Jacobsons. Alakazam looked very happy and started babbling. Nathan couldn’t understand a word. “Umm… Alakazam? I can’t… can you please…?”

Alakazam stopped. Then, he used one of his spoons to jab a button on his side of the console. At the bottom of the screen, subtitles appeared. Some of the most advanced pokemon technology was at work right then. Alakazam began talking again. “Yes, yes, sorry about that. The professor is expecting you so I’ll bring you in.”

Nathan stared open-mouthed at the screen. He had never seen anything like that before. Then, Alakazam disappeared from the screen. The psychic-type appeared right behind Nathan, put one arm around him, then teleported them both inside the lab. When Alakazam let go of Nathan, Nathan’s feet were shaking. Trying to regain his balance, he took a step and fell down. “Ouch…” Nathan said as he got up and rubbed his arms. Alakazam walked off, silently laughing. Nathan trudged up the stairs up to the professor’s office.

The Jacobson Pokemon Laboratory was easily the biggest building in New Bark town. It was a remodeled design of the old lab, which was owned by Professor Elm, the previous Johto professor, before he had to move away for what was described as “personal reasons.” Three stories tall and as big as two houses on each floor, the lab was a technological wonder. Machines were constantly performing chemical tests. Racks and racks of pokeballs lined shelves in the main room. Computers ran calculations and tested the newest inventions. It was truly a sight to behold. All of the big machinery was on the main floor. The brightly-lit 3rd floor ceiling was visible from the 1st floor because the 2nd and 3rd floors went around the inside perimeter, with balconies looking down into the main area.

When he got to the 3rd floor, Nathan looked out of the few windows in the building. They overlooked the pokemon field, where the professors would let pokemon graze and play every so often. Nathan saw a few pokemon running around, getting their morning exercise. Then, he remembered he had an appointment to get to, so he tore his gaze away and walked to the professor’s office and knocked on the door.

“Come on in,” and old voice said. Nathan touched the door and a hydraulic hiss was heard as the door slid to the side rather quickly. At the desk in the office, at a massive chair, was the infamous Professor Randall Jacobson.

“Good to see you again, Nathan.” Randall got out of his chair and shook Nathan’s hand. Though he was 69 years old, he didn’t look like it. Professor Randall was an impressive man, both in stature and in intelligence.

For as long as anyone could remember, Randall had been around, revolutionizing the world of pokemon. He was part of what became known as the Elite Four of the research world; the oldest and wisest pokemon professors who were known worldwide. On the western side of the globe there was Professor Oak (from Kanto) and Professor Randall (from Johto), and then on the far-away eastern side there was Professor Birch (from the Hoenn region) and Professor Rowan (from the Sinnoh region). These professors were the top authority and the most accomplished persons to work on pokemon breeding, evolution, and taming among many, many other things. The western professors and the eastern professors also had ideas of integrating the pokemon into their cross-planetary habitat lands. Each region had it’s own set of exclusive pokemon; roughly 250 in each hemisphere. However, there were various problems with this integration process. The continents on each hemisphere were divided by large expanses of sea, so no natural migration could occur. As a result, they decided to drop this idea down on the priority list (traveling trainers would have to suffice).

Professor Randall was six feet tall. He wore glasses, like his son, but it always seemed like his glasses were lit up with reflecting light, giving him a sharp, cold stare. He had a mustache and beard, both very large, and he had shoulder-length white hair. When he shook Nathan’s hand, Nathan could feel he had a powerful grip. [i]“For such an old man, the professor sure is strong,”
Nathan thought. The professor took off his glasses to reveal kind, blue eyes.

“So, Nathan,” the professor started, pacing around his desk. “Do you know why I asked you here today?” Nathan shook his head as a way of saying ‘no.’ “Did you not remember what happens when you turn 10?”

“Oh!” Nathan felt stupid. How could he forget? After a young child turns ten years old, they are allowed to leave home to go start their very own pokemon journey. Nathan turned ten just nine days ago. He had completely forgotten.

“Well, now that you remember…” Randall smiled and picked up his glasses. “I think it’s time to get you your very first pokemon.” He placed his glasses on his face, and the lenses lit up. He then spoke in a more serious tone. “Please step into the elevator.” Pressing a button under his desk, a bookshelf slid to the side to reveal an elevator door. Nathan and the professor stepped inside. “Go ahead, press the button.” The professor gestured towards the panel. Nathan looked at the various buttons and their destinations. There was one for each floor, the roof, and one that had a pokeball design for a button. Nathan pressed the pokeball. The doors closed and the elevator began its descent.

When the doors opened at the basement level, fog spilled into the elevator, creating a dramatic effect of ominousness. Then, more fog came in, then more. Nathan and the professor started coughing. “Alakazam, turn the fog off!” Randall shouted, choking on fog. A high-pitched ringing was heard, the fog disappeared, and then only Alakazam was there in the room. Alakazam made lots of indistinguishable apologetic-sounding noises. Then, he teleported away.

“Sorry about that…” Randall apologized. “I always try to make the entrance into the room where I bring new trainers dramatic. However, to this day I cannot get the fog to work properly. Neither can Alakazam.”

“It’s okay, Sir,” said Nathan. “I just wish we had that thing that helped me understand Alakazam. I would have liked to talk to him again.”

The professor smiled triumphantly. “Yes. So you tried my Pokemon Translator, didn’t you? Quite an ingenious idea, if I do say so myself. You see, people can interpret what pokemon say when they talk, but it only works from trainer to pokemon. You can’t understand Alakazam because he’s not your pokemon. However, I managed to program a device that takes in pokemon speech and translates it into our language. However, the coding process was quite taxing and I could only make one for Alakazam. It’s good, though, because he is my assistant and I can’t always come to the door when people arrive.” Randall hit a button on the wall and a console rose out of the floor. Inside it were three pokeballs. “Well, Nathan, the time has come. Please inspect these three pokemon and find the one that suits you the most.”

Nathan moved forward, trembling with excitement. He picked up the first pokeball, felt its weight in his hand, and threw it. Out from it sprang a little, green, four-legged pokemon with several small jewel-like protrusions and a large leaf on it’s head. “The grass pokemon: Chikorita,” said Randall. The little green pokemon ran to hide behind the professor’s leg when it saw Nathan. “Don’t worry, she’s a little shy. Go on, Chikorita, say hi to Nathan.” But Chikorita refused and stayed back.

“Return!” said Nathan, pointing the pokeball at Chikorita. A ray of red light sucked her inside. Nathan frowned and placed the ball back. He picked up the next two pokeballs and decided to throw them both to save time. Out from them came a dinosaur-like blue pokemon with a red stripe on it’s chest and a mouse-like blue pokemon with four red spots on his back and a beige underbelly.

“The water pokemon: Tododile, and the fire pokemon: Cyndaquil,” said Randall. The two pokemon looked at each other and started wrestling. “Hey, HEY, [/i]HEY!!!!!” shouted Randall. “Break it up, you two!” The professor picked up Cyndaquil and Nathan picked up Tododile. Tododile bit Nathan’s arm, leaped away from him, and started running around in circles. Nathan picked up Tododile’s ball and returned him.

“Professor, he bit me!” Nathan said, tearing up as he showed the bite mark to Randall.

“No problem,” he said. Cyndaquil jumped out of his arms and landed on Nathan’s face.

“Well,” Nathan started, voice muffled by the clinging Cyndaquil. “I guess I’ll haff take you becuvv you havn’t done anyfing wong yet.” Cyndaquil made a happy noise and jumped off. Nathan took a gasp of air and picked up the pokeball. “Cyndaquil, return!” After Cyndaquil was inside, he minimized the ball by pressing the grey button in the center. Nathan clipped his new pokeball to his belt.

“Congratulations on your journey’s beginning, Nathan,” said the professor. He handed Nathan a backpack. “Inside is your Pokedex, a reference tool for you that analyzes pokemon you come across, and five pokeballs. Now, you should run home. You’re supposed to leave after lunch. I’m sure you’ll want to say goodbye to your friends and parents.”

“Thank you very much, Professor!” Nathan ran to one of the doors, up the stairs, and out of the lab.

Running around the corner of the Jacobson’s house, Nathan bumped into Samantha, who was walking to the lab. They bumped heads and then fell to the ground. Nathan rolled onto his back and then sat up. Samantha was shaking her head and was on all fours. Nathan groaned and said, “Sorry about that. I didn’t see you.”

Samantha turned to Nathan and asked, “Where were you headed in such a hurry?”

“I just finished seeing the professor,” he started. “I need to get home before lunch, so I decided to run.” He laughed. “I guess I should have looked where I was going…”

Samantha stood up, dusting herself off. “It’s okay. My dad had said you went to the lab and I decided to go say hi. What were you--? Oh…” Samantha eyed the backpack Nathan had slung around his left shoulder.

“What is it?” Nathan asked. He was confused; Sam wasn’t looking at him anymore. She just looked at everything else. “Did I do something wrong?” he prodded again.

“What?” Samantha said, startled, at least Nathan thought. “No, no, no… it’s… I should go home and put some ice on my head. She turned around and walked back to the front door.

“But,” Nathan started. “Okay… Bye!” He called after her, but she just waved over her shoulder. “Why are girls so strange?” he muttered to himself. Sticking his right arm through the backpack’s other strap, he continued running home.

By the time he got home, he had replaced all worrisome thoughts of Samantha out of his head and was overloading his brain with worries about his upcoming journey. What would he have to pack? When would he be able to return home? Would his parents would miss him…? Nathan clambered up his front steps, reached for the doorknob, turned the handle and…

“SURPRI-I-ISE!!!!” A wall of sound startled Nathan as his parents yelled their greeting. Nathan moved inside, astonished. The house was decorated party-style. Growlithe jumped up and licked Nathan’s face.

“Okay, boy, hello, yes, down, down, okay!” Nathan got Growlithe off of him.

“Hi, Sweetie!” Lucy said brightly “Professor Darrell called after you arrived at his house. We decided we had enough time to get a party set up for you.”

“Yeah, I even got off work early when I told them about this.” Xzavyer said, putting his hand on his son’s head. “Congratulations, Nathan! I’ve looked forward to this day since you were born.”

Nathan was so overwhelmed… The only question he could ask was, “But I had a party on my birthday… why one now?”

Nathan’s parents looked at each other. They smiled. “Well, we had one more present that we decided to hold off on giving to you until today.” Nathan’s mom said. “Here, give me your backpack and I’ll go get it for you.”

Nathan handed his mom his pack. He went over to the couch and sat down. Xzavyer sat next to him. “So, what kind of pokemon did you pick out?”

“A Cyndaquil,” Nathan said.

“So, taking a liking to the fire-type, eh?” Xzavyer said, laughing and leaning back. He got a nostalgic look and gazed to the ceiling. “I remember I took Cyndaquil when I was starting my journey. They’re tough little pokemon. I’ve always liked fire-types. I’ve told you the story behind Growlithe, right?”

“Yes,” Nathan said. His father would sometimes lapse into memory and tell stories of his days as a trainer. Growlithe was one of his favorite pokemon, but since he caught him at the end of his journey, he decided not to evolve him then and keep him as a house pet when he returned home. Growlithe heard that he was being talked about and jumped around happily. “You know the funny thing,” Nathan said. “I took Cyndaquil because he was the nicest to me.” Nathan pulled out his pokeball and brought Cyndaquil. The little fire pokemon came out and sat on the coffee table.

“Hello, little fellow!” Nathan’s dad said, patting Cyndaquil on the head.

“Is that a Cyndaquil?” Lucy’s voice emanated from the stairs. “Oh, you’re just like your father, Nathan.” Lucy came down the stairs holding a full backpack. She handed it to Nathan. “There you go. Everything you need for your journey from now until you’re able to come back home again.”

“Is this my gift?” asked Nathan.

“No, this is,” his father said, sitting up and pulling a key out of his back pocket.

Nathan took the key and looked at it. “This looks like the key to the closet over by the door…”

“That’s because it is,” Xzavyer said. “Go and open it.”

Nathan looked at his father and got up. He went over to the closet, put the key in, and turned it, opening the lock. He peeked inside. “OH, WOW!” Nathan shouted, throwing the door open. Inside was a brand-new collapsible bicycle. Nathan was amazed. The collapsible models of bicycles were rather expensive (which was saying much, as the bicycle was already a very pricy item for a trainer to own). “How did you guys afford this?” he asked his parents.

Xzavyer shrugged and smiled. “Well, one of the guys at work… his uncle owns the bike shop, so he got me this for you.”

Nathan ran over and hugged his parents. Lucy said, “Now go eat some of the lunch I made for you. You’re going to leave in half an hour.”

The sun had reached its high point over New Bark Town. The Teralis family and the Jacobsons were standing outside, watching Nathan practice putting his bike together. When he had successfully put together and taken apart his bike a few times, he was ready. Climbing on his bike, he looked back at the group of people who were seeing him off. Nathan’s parents looked at him proudly. With tears in her eyes, Nathan’s mom said, “Bye, Honey! We’ll miss you! Have a safe journey!”

Nathan’s father said. “Be sure to come back and visit us as soon as you can! Go out there and surpass me in every way!”

Nathan looked at the Jacobsons. Professor Randall said in his usual, mysterious way, “I sense your potential, boy. Good luck!”

“Take good care of your pokemon and fill up that Pokedex! It’s your key to survival. Well, not really… Just have fun out there. Bye!” Professor Darrell laughed and waved.

“Bye, Nate.” Samantha sounded really hurt when she spoke.

“Don’t worry, Sam. I’ll return again,” Nathan reassured. But Sam didn’t look back up at him. Fighting back tears he said, “Goodbye everyone!” He placed his feet on the pedals and sped down the road. Nathan looked back at his friends and family, wishing him luck on his journey. Then, he faced forward and accelerated, eager to reach the first stop on his journey; the nearby Cherrygrove City.

He was probably a mile away from home when he heard a song coming from his backpack. He stopped his bike and reached in the backpack. The song came from a cell phone. He opened it up and said, “Hello?”

“Hi, Nathan!” It was his mom.

“Hi, Mom! What is it?” Nathan asked.

“Well, your father and I wanted to warn you about staying out at night. Always try to reach a Pokemon Center by sundown. Because--.”

“Yes, Mom, I know. It’s not safe,” said Nathan. “I’ll try to reach Cherrygrove soon.”

“Okay, thanks. We love you Nathan,” his mom said.

“I love you too,” said Nathan. “Bye.” Nathan began to close the phone.

“Oh, Nathan?” Lucy spoke again. Nathan reopened the phone. There were sounds of a voice yelling in the background. “Your father says to remember everything he taught you. He says it will help you.”

“Okay Mom. Bye!” Nathan closed the phone, stuck it in his pocket and biked off.

“Okay Mom. Bye!” Nathan’s voice came through the speaker. Lucy closed the phone and held it close.

“I still think that 10 years old is too young to send a child off to be on their own in the adult world.” Lucy said, worried.

“Don’t worry, Dear,” Xzavyer said. “I’ve taught him the ropes of training. He’ll do fine. Now the Jacobsons are coming over. We need to talk about what I saw at the burned forest this morning.”

There was a knock at the door. Xzavyer went to it and opened it up. Darrell Jacobson came in through the door, followed by Randall. “Hello,” Darrell said. “We should try and be brief. We left Sam on a video conference with her mother, so she’ll be distracted for a while.”

“Yes,” said Randall, “Do tell us why you asked us over.”

“Have a seat, please.” Xzavyer gestured to the living room, and the four adults took various seats on the couches. Xzavyer pulled out his briefcase and set it on the coffee table. “Okay, you remember what was on the news this morning? About the forest scarring by Violet City?” he asked as he pulled pictures out of his briefcase. “Now, we don’t know what could have produced that, but we know what did happen to the forest…”
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Re: The Great Journey (Pokemon FanFic)

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Prologue: Part II
6 years ago…


Hard rain.

A massive cloud of previously unseen geological proportions was hovering ominously over the Johto region, releasing a seemingly infinite stream of water. Weather satellites showed the cloud covering an entire quarter of the globe. Scientists were puzzled at the sudden appearance of such a powerful weather anomaly. Citizens stayed in their homes, digging trenches with their ground pokemon to redirect the nearly endless flow of water away from their houses. Thunder sounded off frequently, and lightning struck violently at random intervals. Pokemon stayed hidden in their burrows and caves. It was as though life ceased to exist under the torrential downpour. However, a lone bike, piloted by a 12-year old boy, sped down Route 46 with incredible speed.

Nathan Teralis rode valiantly through the storm. Tires slipping dangerously, he sped down towards the guard station that led to Route 29 and New Bark town. One of his pokemon, Espeon, a small, catlike psychic-type, sat on the handlebars and cast out a Light Screen, keeping Nathan dry in the small, bike-encompassing energy bubble. He reached the guard station, collapsed his bike under cover, then returned Espeon to his ball and walked inside.

“HALT!!!” shouted the guard, who raised the barrel of a stun rifle directly to Nathan’s forehead. Nathan jumped at the voice, but was used to this process by now. He reached inside his coat pocket and pulled out a Trainer ID Card. He handed it to the guard.

The guard looked at the picture and saw a dark-haired, dark-eyed boy smiling at him. He looked down his rifle’s barrel and saw the same boy with less of an enthusiastic expression on his face. “Mr. Teralis, eh? May I see your badges then?”

Nathan sighed and reached in his backpack slowly. He withdrew a thin, rectangular case about 8 inches long and 5 inches wide. He opened the case and inside gleamed 8 badges. The guard said, “So, I see you’ve beaten Clair now, eh?” He lowered the rifle. “Sorry about that. I hate doing this to kids, but you know the rules.”

“It’s okay, Sir,” said Nathan. “I understand.”

“Alright, go on through,” the guard said, gesturing towards the door. “Good luck with the league championship, eh?”

“Thanks!” Nathan said as he walked out. When he was outside, Nathan breathed a sigh of relief. He was quickly growing famous as the child who would beat the Elite Four the shortest time span. In fact, he had just biked down from Blackthorn City after defeating the gym leader, Clair, who fought with Dragon-types. He was incredibly close to beating the Johto challenge, but life had become increasingly hard with the new security protocols invoked over the Johto region.

About one year ago, a squadron of men in black robes and masks stormed a secret safe-house in Mahogany Town. The building, located underground and owned by Silph Co., had a hidden entrance inside a small shop. Surveillance cameras (that had color picture but did not have audio) picked up footage of the men entering the building and flashes of energy striking the shop employees. 10 men entered the building, and while three of them crowded around the secret door, cracking the lock, the rest stood at the ready. One pulled out a pokeball and released a Koffing. When the door was busted open, the Koffing flew inside.

Surveillance cameras inside the bunker saw Koffing float inside, underneath the view of the guards. It floated into the center of the room and used what looked like Poison Gas, knocking out the guards. Eight of the black-clothed men swooped in and headed for the case in the center, some branching off to tie up the unconscious guards. One man moved forward and signaled for the rest to stand back. He yelled something and pointed at the case. Koffing rose up and used a Take Down attack on the glass barrier, breaking through, setting off the alarm (signified by red lights everywhere), and revealing the contents of the case. A pyramid-shaped stack of 30 Master Balls kept in safe storage by the Silph Company was scooped into a burlap sack. The men ran out of the building and disappeared.

The end result of this surprise attack was region-wide fear and mistrust. Nathan Teralis was hit hard by some of the new security measures. He had just obtained the Hidden Machine Fly from Cianwood, a little town on an inlet southwest of Olivine City, and was ready to fly back home when word reached him that all air traffic for persons riding pokemon was banned. So Nathan, who had planned to go catch a flying-type pokemon, had to Surf back to Olivine on his Dewgong. He then proceeded to travel home by bike.

Another major inconvenience was the disabling of long-distance wireless calling to prevent the mysterious crooks from contacting each other or any superiors they were hypothesized to have. This left Nathan unable to call his friends and family back at home when he was away from a Pokemon Center, which were few and far between. So, there he was; Nathan Teralis, age 11, forced to complete his journey without the ability to contact home. His parents were going to worry so much…

Nathan trudged through the rain. With Espeon on his shoulder, he walked back to New Bark town the last mile because it was just too mucky to bike. He sighed as he walked, reflecting on all that he left behind when he left for his journey. As he got closer to home, he got more and more excited. He would finally be able to see his parents again! He’d get to see his best friend Samantha and her family, who were also close friends. The excitement was welling up in him. He started running when he saw the hazy outlines of his house and the Jacobson Lab through the rain and fog.

When he got inside the town, he noticed as he ran that about half of the town’s lights seemed to have been extinguished. Nathan wasn’t surprised. Ever since the rain started, power was being knocked out and most buildings that lacked access to generator power were pitch black.
“Hmm. I always thought the Lab would have a generator,” he thought. He decided it wasn’t necessary for the lab (due to the fact that it wasn’t a Pokemon Center) and pushed the thought out of his mind. He ran up the steps to his front door.

He knocked on the door. Inside, Nathan heard a bark. A feminine voice called out, “Who is it?”

“Mom, it’s me.” Nathan called out.

The door flew open. Standing there, tears in her eyes, was Lucile Teralis. She threw her arms around her son and hugged him for a long period of time. “Oh, Nathan!” she exclaimed, speaking rather quickly, “We missed you! It’s been a whole two years since we’ve seen you and I know you couldn’t talk to us because of the new regulations and—“

“Mom, MOM!” Nathan interjected, smiling. “I missed you too…”

Xzavyer Teralis walked up the stairs from the basement with Growlithe. He saw his son, ran over to him and hugged him as well. Growlithe jumped happily and licked Nathan’s face.

“Nathan, Honey, come sit down!” Lucy went over to the couch and patted one of the seats. She then continued babbling excitedly. “Come tell us about your adventures! I’ll go make you something warm to drink. I’m surprised you aren’t wet… How did you stay dry?” She walked to the kitchen and began warming up water.

“Well, I’d have to guess,” said Xzavyer. “That it’s this little guy here.” Lucy turned around and saw her husband holding Espeon. “Nathan must have done a really good job raising him, because this Espeon really likes him, which I suppose should be obvious as tameness is Espeon’s evolutionary prerequisite.”

“Yeah, Mom, Espeon is my umbrella,” said Nathan. “Espeon, use Light Screen.” Around Xzavyer and Espeon appeared a glowing bubble. Nathan ran to the sink, wet his hands, and flicked some water towards the energy field. Espeon’s Light Screen made the water bounce off. Nathan wiped up the floor where the droplets fell.

“Quite clever!” Xzavyer said, putting down Espeon when the Light Screen disappeared. “Let’s go back to the couch. Your mother and I really want to hear what’s happened to you over the last couple of years.”

The Teralises went to the couch and sat down. Nathan began talking…

It had been two hours. Outside, there seemed to be no change in the color of the sky. It was still bleak and dull. Inside, the Teralises were now seated at the dinner table. Nathan had finished talking and they were having lunch. Nathan finished his food and jumped from the table. Moving towards the door, he picked up his pokeballs and affixed them to his belt.

“Nathan, where are you going?” Lucy asked.

“I’m gonna go visit the Jacobsons. I’ll want to say hi to them before I leave to beat the Elite Four,” Nathan said excitedly. “I also want the Professors to look over my pokemon.”

“Nathan…you can’t go,” Lucy said softly.

“What? What is it?” Nathan was puzzled. But seeing the look on his mother’s face gave him a horrible sense of foreboding. He asked slowly and cautiously, “Why can’t I go over there, Mom?”

“Now Nathan,” Xzavyer began, “You have to understand something—“

“What?” Nathan asked, cutting off his father. “Did something happen to them???” Nathan was feeling sick to his stomach.

“Nathan!” Lucy exclaimed in a stern voice. “Please, just listen to us.” She sighed and then began to explain calmly. “The Jacobsons no longer live here. They moved away.”

It was as though a lightning bolt had stuck the core of Nathan’s heart. A rather blank yet disbelieving look came upon his face when he asked, “What? When?”

Xzavyer took the question. His face darkened considerably. “It was about two months ago. Professor Randall was offered a job by Professor Oak from Kanto, who has some pretty powerful connections. The job was to live, work, and research at the new lab complex they finished building in the Kanto region, at Viridian City. It was a hard decision for them, especially Samantha, since she grew up here, but in the end they moved because it would also allow Darrell’s wife, Mary, to work in Cerulean City with the water pokemon trainers and gym leader there. It was their best course of action.”

Lucy got up and put her arm around Nathan. “They missed you like we missed you. Sam would come over every day and ask if we had heard back from you, and we would tell her how you were. But then, the attack on the Silph Co. building happened… We haven’t heard from you in a year.”

“NO!” Nathan yelled, spinning away from his mom. “I never even got to say goodbye!” He yanked open the door and ran into the storm.

“NATHAN!” His parents called out in unison. Growlithe dashed out, following Nathan into the rain.

Nathan ran to the Jacobson’s house and pounded on the door. “Professor Darrell? Mr. Jacobson?“ Nathan kept pounding, then stopped and ran around to the back. He dashed to the door of the lab, pounding on it, trying to get the view screen to come out of the side of the wall. “Professor Randall?!?!?” Nathan screamed the professor’s name again. Filled with frustration, he ran to the back door of the house.

Nathan placed his hand on the knob and turned. It was unlocked.

“Hello?” Nathan called feebly. He looked in the house and saw nothing. All furniture was gone. There was no sign that a family was living there. His footsteps on the kitchen tiles made an eerie echo in the vast expanses of the darkened rooms. Nathan walked slowly, looking in every room. Finally, he proceeded up the stairs. He checked Randall’s room and Darrell’s room and found nothing. He went inside Samantha’s room and, finding it to be empty, it finally hit him. His friends were gone.

“I never even…” started Nathan quietly, emotion welling up inside him, “Got to say… goodbye…” He knelt in the middle of his best friend’s empty room. And then, he wept. He heard Growlithe’s pitter-pattering footsteps come up the stairs. Growlithe shook the water off his coat and nudged Nathan. Nathan grabbed Growlithe and hugged him while still crying. Louder footsteps came up the stairs. Xzavyer and Lucy came in and sat down on the floor with Nathan, allowing him to get his emotions out.

And it was there they sat, for who knows how long... The Teralis family, reflecting on their now Kanto-dwelling friends, the Jacobsons.
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Re: The Great Journey (Pokemon FanFic)

Postby B!OHAZARD on Thu Sep 25, 2008 12:54 am

Prologue: Part III
5 years ago...

The air was filled with the intensity of adrenaline, fire, sweat, anger, and a dozen other things all balled up together, creating a particularly hellish atmosphere. 13-year old Nathan Teralis stood at one end of a pokemon stadium arena with his eyes in the sky, tracking back and forth. Across from him, at the arena’s other standing platform, was the league champion, Lance the Dragon Master. He was an older man of about 33 years and was, as his namesake suggested, a furious dragon fanatic.

Nathan was in for the fight of his life. For the last 30 minutes, Nathan and his pokemon shot an incredible offense at Lance, taking out five of his six dragon-like pokemon, the most recent being his Dragonite that was taken down by Espeon who, despite felling Dragonite with his incredibly powerful Psychic attack, could not stand up to the physical brutality of the following pokemon. Currently, Nathan was fighting Lance’s final pokemon, the rock-type prehistoric fossil dragon, Aerodactyl. His Typhlosion, the third and final evolution of his starter Cyndaquil, after Quilava, was 10 feet in the air, his stubby arms draped around Aerodactyl’s neck.

“Aerodactyl!” called Lance, “Use Take Down! Smash him to the ground!”

Nathan could not lose Typhlosion. He had no more pokemon left to spare. “Typhlosion! Use Flame Wheel!”

As the two pokemon fell through the air, Typhlosion waited. He waited and waited and waited, and a split second before they hit the ground, he ignited flames around his entire body and tucked in. Using the fire as a cushion, he rolled along the ground, underneath and away from Aerodactyl, who was surprised by this and took off back into the air. Typhlosion skidded to a halt at the edge of the field and turned back.

“Aerodactyl, Hyper Beam!” Lance yelled out the attack, ready for the KO. Aerodactyl opened his mouth and bright orange-white balls of energy were sucked into it as a vortex created a centralized ball of raw power.

“Typhlosion, get out of there! Use Extremespeed!” Nathan yelled frantically. Aerodactyl fired the Hyper Beam, and a violent pulse of white-hot energy shot at Typhlosion, who crouched and prepared for his attack.

Extremespeed is one of the fastest physical pokemon techniques. It allows the user to speed to the opponent before the opponent can even see it happen. Normally, this attack can only be learned by the fastest of pokemon, but Typhlosion had been under speed training for the last year. When Nathan visited home before he left to traverse Victory Road, Xzavyer taught him how to teach Typhlosion Extremespeed. Since then, Nathan trained with Typhlosion, giving him extra Carbos in his food to help boost his speed and making him defeat wild pokemon as quickly as possible.

This was his moment. Typhlosion jumped and sped along the path of the Hyper Beam, which destroyed the ground where he had just been standing. He stuck out a small hand and grabbed Aerodactyl’s face. Aerodactyl was pushed back. Having concentrated so much on the Hyper Beam, he wasn’t ready for the speed at which Typhlosion got to him, let alone the fact that he came from directly in front and not below. Aerodactyl’s wings gave, taking away his wind support and causing him to fall backwards and down with the momentum of Typhlosion’s push.

“Now! Use Thunderpunch!” yelled Nathan excitedly. Thunderpunch was one of the few means Nathan had to easily dispose of water and flying-type pokemon. This wasn’t made easy by the fact that Typhlosion was a land-based fire pokemon, but Nathan had yet to catch an electric-type.

Typhlosion drew back his free hand. Clenching it into a small fist, electricity coursing through it, he punched Aerodactyl in the throat. He threw his entire body weight and the momentum of the Extremespeed into the punch and smashed Aerodactyl, who was very weak to electricity (and attacks to the neck), into the ground. Typhlosion held the attack as a pin, allowing the full extent of his electrical energy to flow into Aerodactyl.

When the attack ended, Typhlosion stood up and stepped back, panting. Aerodactyl lay on the ground making groaning noises, his eyes spinning dazedly. Lance stood, shocked. Then, he lowered his head, smiled, and laughed. He pulled a pokeball off his belt. Aiming it at Aerodactyl, Lance said, “Aerodactyl, return.” He glanced at the pokeball and said, “You did a good job, and have served me well. Enjoy your rest.”

Nathan called back Typhlosion in a similar manner. He and Lance met in the center of the battle-scarred arena. Lance said, “Well, that was unbelievably intense! The last person to give me such a challenge was well… I don’t know.” He looked to the ceiling nostalgically. He then looked back at Nathan and said, “I guess I should have expected nothing less from the son of the previous record holder for time to complete a journey and come here to completely destroy us. Come! Let’s go enter you in the Hall of Fame!” He gestured with his arm to a ramp leading to a set of double-doors. Nathan smiled, ran up to the doors, and threw them open.

It was an epic sight to behold. The Pokemon League Hall of Fame felt like the biggest building in Johto and Kanto combined. The ceiling was 3 stories tall, the walls lined with television screens, cycling through pictures of trainers who had beat the Elite Four and their pokemon. A long, red carpet, stretching as far as Nathan could see, was bordered on either side by life-size crystal statues of the 250 known pokemon from the Kanto and Johto regions, the smallest pokemon at the beginning of the carpet and the largest at the end. At the end, Nathan discovered as he and Lance walked down through the enormous building, was a massive screen that was hooked up to a giant computer platform with a pair of large keyboards in the middle of the floor, 10 feet up. The crystal Onix and Steelix statues acted as sets of stairs leading up to two platforms: one for the champion, one for the challenger. Nathan ascended the Steelix statue.

At the top, Lance pressed a button on his console that brought the giant screen to life. He entered in a password and brought up a small holo-screen. First, he brought up an identification window, where he verified his ID and Nathan’s. Then, he brought up another window. “Nathan,” he said, “Please enter in your six pokemon.”

“Umm, I only have five…” Nathan said, embarrassed. He was always self-conscious about the fact that other trainers he met usually had six pokemon, while he had stuck with his five for all this time.

“No worries, no worries,” Lance said. He was quite astounded. He thought that Nathan had beat him with another pokemon in reserve.

Nathan pushed buttons on the console, typing in the names of his friends. Typhlosion, Espeon, Dewgong (a water/ice type that Nathan sometimes used as a ferry), Hitmonlee (an energetic fighting-type pokemon who loved using his legs for martial arts that Nathan got for defeating the Karate Master), and Nidoking (a large, muscular poison/ground pokemon with super-toughness to whom Nathan had taught a vast array of strange techniques). Each pokemon entered in brought up a picture, which was affixed to a digital version of a Trainer Card on the screen. When this was complete, Lance typed in a few more things, used a stylus to sign his name on the card on the screen, and hit the print button.

The console at the ground level began whirring and glowing. Nathan and Lance walked back down the statues. When the machine was finished, a small beep sounded and reverberated through the chamber. Lance lifted the glass cover on the machine and produced a shiny, gold-colored Trainer Card. He took two small rings and a hole-puncher out of his pocket. “Nathan, may I see your Trainer ID, please?” When Nathan handed him the card, he put the two cards together, punched two holes in the corner-areas, and added the rings. When he gave it back, he said, “Congratulations Nathan! You are the newest AND youngest League Champion! That card there gets you a great deal of respect in addition to unlimited passage through the Victory Road entrance gate and the gate to Mt. Silver. Now, we should get you home. I’m sure you want to see your parents and tell them the good news!” Lance shook hands with Nathan, who walked to the staircase marked “Main Lobby/Pokemon Center” and proceeded down.

When he got outside, it was bright and clear. The sun was barely visible in the sky, as it was nearly dark. In the sky, you could almost see stars begin to appear. Nathan admired this sight as he moved along. After healing his pokemon at the center inside the league building, he was walking down the road about 200 feet to the guard station.

When he got inside, the guard said, “Well, that look on your face means you must have defeated the Elite Four, eh?” Nathan nodded and the guard laughed. “I knew you could do it, kid!” Just then, the earth started to shake.

Nathan looked around frantically and asked, “What… is this?”

The guard looked around passively. “Well, we ARE just outside Victory Road. You know how things go when you have a lot of rock and ground-type pokemon nearby.”

“Oh, okay,” Nathan said as he calmed down. He a bit stupid as he remembered how it felt when his Nidoking used Earthquake.

“So come on!” prodded the guard. “Tell me about your fight with Bruno. He and I are buddies. We talk when he comes out to train in Victory Road. How’s he doing?”

Nathan began to recount the fight. He had been talking for a few minutes when the guard suddenly stopped him by raising his hand. “Do you notice that?” the guard asked Nathan cautiously.

“Oh, wow…” Nathan noticed. The ground had not stopped shaking. It had been about five minutes and the earth was still in motion.

“This isn’t normal, …” the guard said, taking his stun rifle out from behind the counter. “Come on, kid, let’s take a look outside.”

Outside, the scene was totally different. It was still clear, but now the sun had moved down below the horizon and the stars were the only thing visible in the sky. The ground was still moving, but no visible source of the quake was available. “Not even the strongest ground-types can do this for that long,” thought the guard.

Then, the problem appeared. The stars were disappearing. Slowly, it appeared as though an enormous towel was wiping the stars away. Nathan and the guard looked up in awe. Then, the rumbling of the ground began to develop a pitch. The pitch was slowly oscillating from a sub-sonic bass rumble to a throbbing, low-pitched whine. Looking even further up, Nathan and the guard saw bright-orange balls of fire appear in the darkness. The guard said what Nathan thought…


Though it was unbelievable, it made sense and, unfortunately, it was true. There were thrusters in the sky. The giant, black mass was a massive ship that was lumbering over the earth. Clouds were forming around it and as it moved, small hatch doors opened, revealing the lit interior. Helicopters began streaming from the hatches, flying at rapid speed through the sky.

Inside the guard tower, a siren went off. Over the guard’s radio came a frantic voice. “Unidentified flying object… *static* …Johto destroying every city… *static* …stealth so we couldn’t… *static* …we NEED EVERYONE TO--…” and then there was silence. The guard stood, horrified. He and Nathan heard a helicopter directly above. A spotlight appeared on them and cast them in a brilliant white light. Men in black robes, capes, and masks roped out of the helicopter.

“Kid. Run. NOW!” the guard yelled. He grabbed Nathan by the shirt collar and threw him into the nearby bushes. Nathan rolled in the ground. When he stopped, he got up and looked back at the guard. From what he could see, the guard was firing madly in the darkness. The men in black moved menacingly towards him. The guard fired at the men, taking down two of them, but two more appeared in their places. The guard ran back to the guard station, which exploded when an incredible lightning bolt struck it with unbelievable force. The guard flew back and landed on the ground.

A man clothed in black with a particularly ornate mask and very strong arms picked up the guard by the neck with one hand.

“Who…” choked the guard, “are you?”

The man in black said simply, “We are Black Space, and we are here to liberate your region from you.” He then pulled out a knife and stabbed the guard in the face.

Nathan gasped and felt emptiness in his soul. His heart wrenched with pain for the guard, but he had to leave. His father’s words, “re-action before action” came to mind. He pulled out Espeon’s pokeball. Rain began to fall.

Releasing Espeon as quietly as possible, he said to him, “Espeon, I need you to Teleport me home. Now!”

“Hey, there’s a kid in the bushes!” a Black Space trooper yelled out.

“Quickly, Espeon!” Espeon jumped on Nathan’s shoulders and focused his energy. It always took Espeon about a minute to figure out how far he could go. The trooper took out a stun pistol, modified for a more dangerous and painful stun, and shot at Nathan, but he could not see him well. Nathan knew he would not last for long; Espeon’s longest-range Teleport charge-up sequence created a field of energy that grew steadily brighter before they changed location. The guard threw a pokeball and out came Houndoom, a ferocious, black-and-red dark/fire-type pokemon with vicious fangs and dangerous, white horns.

“Houndoom, use Flamethrower!” snarled the trooper.

“Come on, Espeon…!” Nathan drew out Espeon’s name in a plea for help. They disappeared just as the fire flew into the forest, igniting everything.

They didn’t make it all the way. Nathan found himself standing, shivering, on a rock in the middle of a body of water. The water was fierce and lashed against the rock, threatening to suck Nathan into it. He could see an orange glow far in the distance, so he knew he was near New Bark Town, most likely on Route 28. He put Espeon, who had passed out on his shoulder, in his pokeball. He then took out another pokeball containing his water/ice pokemon Dewgong. Releasing Dewgong into the stormy water, he clambered on his back. “Take me home, Dewgong. Quickly, please!” he said. Dewgong yelped an approval and sped forth through the sea. Nathan looked up as they sailed and saw the black ship floating noisily overhead.

His sense of dread was replaced by one of immediate fear. A helicopter was coming up behind them, making a sweep of the river with its spotlight. Nathan knew he had to act. “Dewgong, Dive underwater!” Dewgong obeyed, and plunged. Wrapped tightly around Dewgong, Nathan held his breath and looked at the surface. He felt his lungs constricting and his brain pleading for air. Finally, the helicopter went past. Nathan tapped Dewgong with his foot and Dewgong rose.

When they crested the surface, Nathan gasped and choked out the words, “Dewgong… Beam… Copter…” Dewgong understood. Aiming the horn on his head, he fired an Ice Beam directly into the helicopter. Accentuated by the growing cold and freezing rain, the ice overtook the helicopter rather quickly and caused it to plunge into the water. “Now!” said Nathan, “Whirlpool!” Dewgong sped up to twice his swimming speed and circled the fallen helicopter and it’s floating passengers. A violent whirlpool was generated, sucking in the fallen vehicle and it’s crew.

Dewgong continued on his designated path. A true, seismic earthquake happened, causing an eight-foot tidal wave to wash over them. Trees along the bank were toppled in the earthquake and then were set on fire by massive lightning strikes. Soon, the entire forest was ablaze. The orange glow in the distance Nathan now saw was helicopters and burning buildings… in his hometown… where his parents lived…

As all this dawned on Nathan, silence came. A very disconcerting silence. The water began to still and snow began to fall. The forests on either side of the river were ablaze, making it seem as though a hall of fire was guiding Nathan. Dewgong felt Nathan’s dread and sped forward.

When they got to shore, Nathan returned Dewgong quickly and ran forward. The snow was coming down heavily, creating an eerie scene against the fire. The town was ablaze. The old Jacobson Lab was turning to ash before Nathan’s eyes. His own house, miraculously, was not on fire, but in danger of a different threat. Black Space had the house surrounded and was attacking with an onslaught of weapons and pokemon. Nathan ran forward urgently.

“NATHAN!!!” a voice cried out. “STAY BACK!!!” Xzavyer came up behind Nathan, riding atop a massive Arcanine. “We must protect our house and the rest of the neighborhood!”

“Hide, Nathan, quickly!” Lucy said, sitting on Arcanine, arms around her husband’s waist. “Ampharos! Use Thunder Wave!!!”

Lucile Teralis started a Day-Care Center after Nathan left to take on the Elite Four. Trainers would leave their pokemon there when they traversed between regions. As an added bonus, Lucy was able to interact with the pokemon as if they were her own because she was their caretaker.

Ampharos, a short, thin, yellow electric type raised his head and yelled. Waves of electricity coursed out from the around him and stunned about half of the standing Black Space troopers.

Nathan’s parents jumped off Arcanine and ran to the house. A helicopter landed in the backyard. “Stay there, Nathan!” yelled Xzavyer. “We have to protect the pokemon!” Nathan watched as his parents ran inside. Another loud, mechanical sound was heard, and when Nathan looked up, he saw something horrifying.

A giant cannon, probably bigger than Nathan’s house, protruded from the bottom of the ship. A giant yellow bird pokemon that Nathan had never seen before was trapped inside a metal cage that was far too small for it. Nathan guessed that it was an electric-type because the cage was coursing with electricity. Upon closer inspection, Nathan saw that the cage was made of Magneton that had been linked together by their opposing polarities. The cannon began to charge, siphoning energy from the electric pokemon, who began screaming in pain.

A Black Space soldier on the ground grabbed Nathan’s leg and slowly tried to raise a stun pistol to fire. Nathan couldn’t get away; the man’s grip was far too strong. He groaned, “Black Ship… Apocalypse… Razor Cannon… no escape… heh-heh-heh…” He almost had his pistol raised enough to shoot at Nathan when Arcanine came up and grabbed him in his mouth from the ground. Arcanine shook the man madly and threw him 20 feet away, snarling at him.

“Thanks buddy,” said Nathan, stroking Arcanine’s fur. He looked back to his house, waiting anxiously for his parents. Then it happened.

The Razor Cannon fired.

But not at New Bark Town. No, the cannon was much to close for that. Taking ridiculous amounts of electrical energy and focusing them into a bright beam that could cut through and burn land was what gave the cannon its name. It was an ingenious design, one in a series of terraforming weapons that were installed in the Black Ship. The cannon was capable of multiple-burst fire, however its power requirement was so great that it was simply improbable. Black Space scientists realized that the best way to get power for the cannon was to take it directly from electric pokemon: “nature’s little generators” as they called them.

The cannon hit Cinnabar Island.

Cinnabar Island is a dormant volcano island a thousand miles away in the Kanto region. The cannon’s powerful impact hit the side of the volcano and punctured through the solid rock, into the dormant magma. The magma superheated, and the volcano erupted. Sideways. The force of the explosion blasted a huge chunk of rock high and to the west.

Right on top of Nathan Teralis’s house.

Nathan stood, numb. He barely paid attention anymore. In the background, Arcanine blasted fire onto the remaining Black Space troopers and ran into the forest, barking madly. The helicopter in the backyard barely lifted off in time to avoid being crushed. Nathan felt emptiness. He had just lost both of his parents. Now he was alone.

Ignoring the cold, ignoring the fire, ignoring the fact that the Black Ship had disappeared to a new section of the region, taking it’s helicopter legion with it, he turned around.

No tears came.

It was daybreak in Johto. Ruins of buildings and foliage were everywhere, burned to carbon. Pokemon and people sprayed water on the fires last night. Black Space moved squads of soldiers into all the major cities and large towns to control the citizens. The Johto region was lost to the enemy.

Nathan Teralis stood on top of Mt. Silver, looking out into the distance. Grey smoke gently rose in the horizon. He could see the ruins of New Bark Town. Further out, he could barely see Cherrygrove City and the Bellsprout Tower in Violet City.

Nathan had hardened his heart after the death of his parents. It was his birthday today, he remembered, but he had no one to celebrate with and more important things to focus on. He had three major goals now. The first goal was to head to Kanto to meet with Professor Oak and the Jacobson family. The second goal was to beat the Kanto League Challenge and become the most powerful pokemon trainer in the world. The third goal, which could only be completed after goals one and two, was to return to infiltrate Black Space and take back the Johto region as revenge for his parents.

But, for now, Nathan had to remain in hiding. Black Space had Johto too tightly under gang rule, so Nathan would train in Mt. Silver until he felt he was ready to reemerge in Kanto. He would not fail. Ever. He looked back to the mountainside and walked further into its expanse.

Nathan was walking when he heard a strange noise come from inside a cave. He cautiously peered inside, withdrawing from his belt a stun pistol he had taken from a fallen Black Space soldier. He aimed inside and walked forward. He heard electrical pulses coming from inside. The electricity was powerful and made Nathan’s hair stand on end. Nathan put the gun away and pulled out his Pokedex when he saw its source.

On top of a rock platform inside the cave was the big electric bird pokemon Nathan saw in the Magneton cage. Nathan aimed the Pokedex at the pokemon, who looked at him dangerously. The Pokedex said this:

“Zapdos. An electric bird pokemon, Zapdos is part of a legendary trio of birds. Extremely rare and highly volatile, Zapdos usually appears during massive thunderstorms, absorbing and controlling the massive outputs of energy. Very few people have seen Zapdos or it’s other legendary counterparts.”

Nathan walked cautiously towards Zapdos. Zapdos shuffled back, or tried to, but was in massive pain. Nathan saw blood dripping from one wing and one foot. He put down his backpack and pulled out a Full Restore, an incredibly powerful medical potion, and inched towards Zapdos, his hands raised.

Zapdos shot a small bolt of electricity at Nathan, who cowered away from it. Looking up, Nathan said, “It’s okay Zapdos. I just want to heal you.”

Zapdos ran out of energy and passed out. Nathan crept up to it and sprayed the Full Restore on it’s wing and leg. Nathan then ran back to his pack and got out some bandages, which he applied to Zapdos’ wounds. He then sat against the rock wall and fell asleep.

When he awoke, Nathan sat up quickly. He didn’t remember where he was, and then he saw his open pack. He looked at the rock platform; Zapdos was gone. Nathan sighed, smiled, zipped up his pack and walked to the cave entrance. Before he exited, he heard a loud call and a buzz of electrical energy. Zapdos was behind him, hopping out on one foot.

“Oh, hello!” said Nathan in a friendly tone. “What do you want?”

Zapdos bent forward and placed an egg on the ground with his foot. The egg was a beautiful sight, yellow with jagged black lines going every direction around its surface in an erratic, distinctly electrical design. Zapdos then used his long beak to pluck a pokeball from Nathan’s belt and place it next to the egg on the ground. He looked up at Nathan very intently.

Nathan was confused, but then he gasped, and smiled. He understood what Zapdos was doing. “Thank you,” he said gratefully and softly, “I’ll take good care of it.”

Nathan picked up the egg and walked out into the setting sun, looking back to see Zapdos hop back into the cave in a flash of electricity.

“Well,” he said to the egg, “looks like I DO get to have an electric pokemon after all…”

Nathan Teralis smiled.
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